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FALL 2023 Courses

JPNS 101: Japanese Level I
MWF      Brennan, Akiko        

A basic study of standard Japanese. Students will be introduced to spoken and written forms of the language from the beginning. Language form and use are equally emphasized. Relevant cultural aspects. Hiragana, Katakana, and 85 Kanji. 

JPNS 102:  Japanese Level II
A continuation of the study of elementary Japanese. Task-oriented activities will be incorporated to encourage language use as well as pattern practice for linguistic accuracy. Relevant cultural aspects will be introduced. 120 Kanji.
Only distance learning.

JPNS 201: Japanese Level III
MWF        Ishii, Marina
A study of intermediate Japanese. Occasional use of authentic materials for listening and reading practice. Task-oriented exercises, communicative activities, and pattern practice are used to facilitate learning of the spoken and written language. 110 Kanji.

JPNS 202: Japanese Level IV

A continuation of intermediate Japanese. Active use of authentic materials for listening and reading practice. Task-oriented exercises, communicative activities, and pattern practice for learning the spoken and written language. 150 Kanji
Only offered distance learning

JPNS 280: Introduction to Modern Japanese Civilization
MWF          TBD
A survey of modern Japanese culture. Various aspects are covered, such as geography, economy, society, the political system, family, education, traditional arts, business, and language. Current issues will be discussed in a timely manner. Lectures in English.

JPNS 301: Japanese Level V
MWF          Minobe, Masaki
Continued development of Japanese speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities, using materials dealing primarily with everyday life and civilization in Japan from a variety of sources (e.g., newspapers, magazines, TV, recent literature, etc.). Conducted primarily in Japanese.

JPNS 313: Intermediate Reading Japanese I
This course provides students with further study in reading Japanese at the intermediate level. The course also reviews and introduces 500 basic kanji. 

JPNS 361:  Elementary Survey Japanese Linguistics 
TTh            Hatasa, Kazumi
This course surveys all areas of Japanese Linguistics, including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics, focusing on systematizing fragmentary knowledge students are assumed to have acquired through Japanese language courses.

JPNS 485: Culinary Culture of Japan
TTh           Hatasa, Kazumi

JPNS 490: Reading Current Affairs in Japan
TTh           Wei, Mariko

JPNS 521: Teaching Japanese
TTh           Neary-Sundquist, Colleen
Introduces a wide range of techniques used in teaching Japanese as a foreign language. Discusses theoretical issues concerned with the learning and teaching of Japanese. Permission of instructor required.

JPNS 560: Survey of Japanese Linguistics
TTh           Fukada, Atsushi

JPNS 575: Theories of Japanese Language Acquisition
TTh          Wei, Mariko

JPNS 679: Classroom SLA
TTh           Wei, Mariko

JPNS 679: Complexity and Fluency
TTh           Neary-Sundquist, Colleen

JPNS 698: Research MA Thesis