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A panel of five judges will assess all speeches and skits. The panel usually consists of two or more Japanese language professionals, and local business and community people who are proficient in Japanese.

  • Professor Pedro Bassoe, Chief Judge. School of Languages and Cultures, Purdue University
  • Professor Yukiko Maeda, College of Education, Purdue University
  • Professor Hiroko Chiba, Professor of Japanese, Depauw University
  • Mr. Brian Malachowski, Group Leader, Trim & Final Manufacturing Engineering, Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc.
  • Ms. Kaori Johnson, Director of Japanese Friendship Choir HIBIKI

Judging Criteria

Speeches and skits are rated on Language Use, Content, and Delivery. For Level 3 contestants, Q&A will be assessed after their speech.

1. Language Use: Correct usage of vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, context, honorifics, etc. Skit participants are evaluated on language skills, not acting ability
2. Content: Originality, creativity, appropriateness, depth of subject understanding
3. Delivery: Pronunciation, clarity, organization, flow, memorization, poise, enthusiasm
4. Q&A (Only for Level 3 Speech): Understanding of question, fluency, improvisation and elaboration in responses