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Japanese Major (35 Hours)

Follow the link above and consult the "Plan of Study" section for details.

Japanese Minor (15 Hours)

Before undertaking this minor, the student must establish proficiency equivalent to Japanese Level IV. Proficiency may be established by taking and passing JPNS 20200, by examination, or by other evidence acceptable to the Department.


A. The following courses in Japanese language (6 Cr. Hrs.)

3____ 30100 Japanese Level V
3____ 30200 Japanese Level VI

B.  One of the following courses in Japanese literature/culture (3 Cr. Hrs)

  3___24100  Introduction to the Study of Japanese Literature
  3___28000  Introduction to Modern Japanese Civilization

C. Japanese electives: (6 Cr. Hrs.)

Six hours chosen by the student from Japanese courses at the 30000- or 40000-level, except courses numbered 33000 - 33900 or 43000 - 43900.

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