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David Tortolini

David Tortolini

Graduate Student // American Studies // SIS

Office and Contact

Room: HEAV G1



AMST 201 - Interpreting America

David Tortolini is a first-year doctoral student. He earned his BFA in English and MFA in Humanities from Old Dominion University, located in Norfolk, Virginia. His research focuses on the intersections of food and digital media studies. His primary research topic is how Latinx food products are described, shown, and dispersed in digital spaces and their effects on (im)migrant populations. In addition, the research aims to show how food can force (im) migrants to assimilate or erase their cultural heritage and traditions. David is also interested in how these same processes can be transformed into sites of radical resistance by minority communities to preserve their cultures. David's work also explores post-colonial discourses in the digital spaces. He is interested in how digital platforms are used as global cultural definers and creators. His work shows that digital platforms influence how we interact with (im)migrant individuals within our communities and beyond through food.

David is proud to be BIPOC Argentinean-American. David is active in his local communities, helping others achieve their dreams. As a minority, he knows the importance of creating an atmosphere where students can feel safe in and out of the classroom. His community engagement has been recognized by receiving awards such as; the John R. Broderick Diversity Champion Award.