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Dwayne Woods

Dwayne Woods

Professor // Political Science

Research focus:
Identity Populist Movements

Curriculum vitae

Office and Contact

Room: BRNG 2223


Phone: (765) 496-2890

Ph.D. University of Chicago
M.A. University of Chicago
B.A. Antioch College

Current CV



Comparative Politics
Political Economy



Visiting Scholar, Fudan University, Shanghai, China


Research Summary

Dwayne Woods's research interests are comparative and global, with a particular emphasis on economic and political economy models.


Selected Publications

Alemán, José and Dwayne Woods. 2019. "Solidarity and Self-Interest: Using Mixture Modeling to Learn about Social Policy Preferences." methods, data, analyses 1-30. doi: 10.12758/mda.2019.06

Alemán, José and Dwayne Woods. 2018. "A Comparative Analysis of Inequality and Redistribution in Democracies." International Studies Quarterly, 62 (1): 171-181. doi: 10.1093/isq/sqx089

Alemán, José and Dwayne Woods. 2017. "Inductive Constructivism and National Identities: Letting the Data Speak." Nations and Nationalism 24 (4): 1023-1045. doi: 10.1111/nana.12320

Ivaldi, Gilles, Maria Elisabetta Canzone, and Dwayne Woods. 2017. "Varieties of Populism across a Left-Right Spectrum: The Case of the Front National, the Northern League, Podemos and Five Star Movement." Swiss Political Science Review 23 (4): 354-76. doi: 10.1111/spsr.12278

Woods, Dwayne. 2017. "Populism in Search of its Model." Chinese Political Science Review 2 (3): 253-65. doi: 10.1007/s41111-017-0067-x