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Hwanseok Song

Hwanseok Song

Assistant Professor // Communication

Curriculum vitae

Office and Contact

Room: BRNG 2172

Office hours: Fall 2023: Wednesday; 2:00-4:00pm


Phone: (765)496-6428

Fax: (765)496-1394

My primary research interests are focused on how people make and use social judgments in contexts where people communicate information about science, safety, environmental issues, and technological risks. Judgments people make about authorities managing risk or other fellow citizens play a pivotal role in cooperative efforts in risk management and environmental decision-making. My research seeks to understand not only how people make these judgments, but also their downstream consequences on attitude and behavior. Areas of interest: risk communication, environmental communication, science communication, public deliberation, conservation, trust and credibility, source effects.

My primary teaching interests are in risk communication, judgment and decision making, science communication.

I typically work with graduate students who are interested in aspects of communication, social judgments, and decision-making related to risk, science, environment, and health. When working with graduate advisees, I focus on helping them grow into independent scholars. This involves not only having authorships in scientific papers, but also having the ability to come up with novel and meaningful research questions, knowledge and experience to execute studies to answer them, and methodological skills to make valid inferences from collected data.

When working with graduate students, I try to understand how their participation in the project aligns with their personal goals. Years in graduate school pass quickly and graduate students should gain something from every research project they take part in whether it is hands-on experience or meaningful credit that will advance their career prospects. I wish to make each student's collaboration with me mutually worthwhile time investments by assigning them tasks in the project best fitting their goals.