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Jennifer L. Foray

Jennifer L. Foray

Associate Professor // History

Affiliated Faculty // Jewish Studies // SIS

Affiliated Faculty // SIS

Office and Contact

Room: UNIV 125

Office hours: By appointment


Phone: (765) 494-4132

Fax: (765) 496-1755


HIST 104: Introduction to the Modern World (Introductory course in Early Modern and Modern European History)

HIST 395: Junior Research Seminar in Occupied Europe: Nazis in the Archives 

HIST 413: Modern European Imperialism: Repression and Resistance

HIST 495: Research in Historical Topics: Decolonization and After

HIST 610: History: Theory and Methods 


Modern Europe with a particular focus on 19th-20th century political and cultural history;  imperialism and decolonization; The Netherlands; war and conflict; memory and memorialization


Dr. Foray received her B.A. from Fordham University and her Ph.D. from Columbia University.


Dr. Foray’s most recent publications include “The Republic at the Table, with Decolonization on the Agenda: The United Nations Security Council and the Question of Indonesian Representation, 1946-1947,” in Itinerario (2021); “The Liminal Spaces of Liberation: Remembering 1945 in Pandemic Times,” in Canadian Journal of Netherlandic Studies / Revue canadienne d’études néerlandaises (2020); and “Comparatively Exceptional: The Paradoxes of Twentieth Century Dutch Imperialism and Decolonization,” in The Dutch Empire between Ideas and Practice, 1600-2000 (eds. René Koekkoek, Anne-Isabelle Richard, and Arthur Weststeijn, 2019).

Her first book, Visions of Empire in the Nazi-Occupied Netherlands (Cambridge University Press, 2012) examines Dutch experiences with war, occupation, imperialism, decolonization, specifically focusing upon the attempts of leading anti-Nazi resisters to create a new “imperial consciousness” in the wartime Netherlands. Research for this project also resulted in articles published in The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, European History Quarterly, and the Journal of Contemporary History.

Her second book, Imperial Aftershocks: War, Decolonization, and Anti-Colonial Protest, is under contract with Cambridge University Press. Imperial Aftershocks focuses on those who opposed the Netherlands’ continued involvement in Indonesia after 1945, and, specifically, Dutch military action against the self-declared Republic of Indonesia during the period of 1945-1949.

Her next book project will explore the integration of Indonesian crew intro Dutch shipping and leisure cruising industries over the course of the twentieth century.

She is currently accepting graduate students interested in studying modern European history and global history; imperialism and decolonization; and the history and memory of World Wars One and Two.

The cover of Dr. Jennifer Foray's book, "Visions of Empire in the Nazi-Occupied Netherlands"