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Kaylyn Jackson Schiff

Kaylyn Jackson Schiff

Assistant Professor // Political Science

Office and Contact

Kaylyn Jackson Schiff is an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at Purdue University and will be on leave for the 2022-2023 academic year while working as a postdoctoral associate with the Institution for Social and Policy Studies at Yale University.

Kaylyn studies American politics and policy, with a focus on quantitative and experimental methods. In particular, her research addresses how citizens share information with government and examines the drivers of policymaker and bureaucrat responsiveness to citizen input. Kaylyn’s research has been published in journals such as the Journal of Politics, Nature Human Behaviour, and Public Administration.

As co-director of GRAIL, the Governance and Responsible AI Lab, Kaylyn devotes attention to the impacts of emerging technologies on government and society. For example, she considers how technological developments are changing citizen-government contact and explores implications for service provision, education, policing, and government use of artificial intelligence.

Kaylyn holds a Ph.D. and M.A. in Political Science from Emory University and completed a B.A. in Public Policy from Princeton University and an M.Ed. from Fordham University. Previously, she worked in K-12 education as a teacher and as a school administrator focused on curriculum design, assessment, and educational data use.