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Reed Kurtz

Reed Kurtz

Continuing Lecturer // Political Science

Curriculum vitae

Office and Contact

Room: BRNG 2226


Ph.D. in Political Science, The Ohio State University, August 2019

M.A. in Political Science, The Ohio State University, December 2015



Environmental Politics

International Relations

Political Theory


Research Summary

Reed Kurtz's research focuses on Environmental Politics, International Relations, and Political Theory, with particular interests in the global politics of climate change. He is interested in exploring pathways and potential for radical political action and transformation in the face of global ecological crisis, including shifting state and civil society dynamics around the politics of climate governance and climate justice. He is currently writing and researching around questions regarding the role of direct action against climate change, exceptional politics and discourses of "climate emergency," and the future of the global governance regime complex on climate change.



Reed Kurtz. 2020. “Direct Action and the Climate Crisis: Interventions to Resist and Reorganize the Metabolic Relations of Capitalism.” Radical Philosophy Review 23(2): 261-97. 

Reed Kurtz and Harry van der Linden. 2020. “Editors’ Introduction: Radical Philosophy and Politics Amid the Climate Crisis and Coronavirus Pandemic.” Radical Philosophy Review 23(2): 161-174. 

Reed Kurtz. 2020. “U.S. Presidential Politics and Planetary Crisis in 2020.” In US Election Analysis 2020: Media, Voters and the Campaign. Centre for Comparative Politics and Media Research, Bournemouth University.