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Suzanne L. Parker

Suzanne L. Parker

Professor Emeritus // Political Science
Emeriti Faculty

Office and Contact

Ph.D., Florida State University
M.S., Florida State University
M.A.T. in Education, Miami University at Oxford



American Politics


Suzanne Parker's research and teaching interests are in American Politics, specifically public opinion, Southern politics, and legislative politics. She is currently involved in research on the acquisition of political information from friendship groups, the post-elective career opportunities of former members of the U.S. Congress, partisan change in the South, and trust in elected officials and the political system.

Selected Publications

"Assessing the Stability of Trust in Government across Election Periods," (15 May 2015) Social Science Quarterly, Co-authored with Matthew S. Dabros and Mark W. Petersen.
Online Appendix to Assessing the Stability of Trust in Government across Election Periods

Opinion Taking within Friendship Networks.” American Journal of Political Science, April 2008. Co-authored with Glenn Parker and James McCann.

Increasing Distrust of the United States in South Korea ,” The International Political Science Review, V. 27, October 2006, 427-445. Co-authored with Myongsob Kim and Jun Young Choi.

The Question of Committee Bias Revisited", Political Research Quarterly", September 2004, 431-440. Co-authored with Glenn R. Parker, Juan Copa and Mark Lawhorn.