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Lab Publications (including external collaborations)


Sheu, Vanessa and Elaine J. Francis. 2024. Plausibility and the aural processing of Mandarin garden-path sentences: an online study of L1 and heritage speakers. In: Hayat AlThagafi and Jupitara Ray, eds. BUCLD 48: Proceedings of the 48th annual Boston University Conference on Language Development, Cascadilla Press. (14 pp.) https://www.cascadilla.com/bucld48toc.html


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Wang, Yamin, Jingying Hu, Zhuoma An, Chaoran Li, and Yang Zhao. 2023. The influence of metacognition monitoring on L2 Chinese audiovisual reading comprehension. Frontiers in Psychology, 14. https://doi.org/10.3389/fpsyg.2023.1133003

Sheu, Vanessa, Joshua D. Weirick, and Alexis Zhou, eds. 2023. Variation in Linguistics: Second Language Acquisition, Discourse Studies, Sociolinguistics, Syntax. Cambridge Scholars.


Francis, Elaine J. 2022. Gradient Acceptability and Linguistic Theory. Oxford University Press.


Francis, Elaine J. 2017. Structural priming can inform syntactic analyses of partially grammaticalized constructions. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 40: 22-23.

Francis, Elaine J. and Laura A. Michaelis. 2017. When relative clause extraposition is the right choice, it’s easier. Language and Cognition. 9(2): 332-370.


Hitz, John and Elaine J. Francis. 2016. On the usefulness of formal judgment tasks in syntax and in second-language research: The case of resumptive pronouns in English, Turkish, and Mandarin Chinese. Linguistics 54: 1241-1280.


Francis, Elaine J., Charles Lam, Carol Chun Zheng, John Hitz, and Stephen Matthews. 2015. Resumptive pronouns, structural complexity, and the elusive distinction between grammar and performance: evidence from Cantonese. Lingua 162: 56-81.


Francis, Elaine J. and Laura A. Michaelis. 2014. Why move? How weight and discourse factors combine to predict relative clause extraposition in English. Competing Motivations in Grammar, Acquisition, and Usage, ed. by Edith Moravcsik, Andrej Malchukov, and Brian MacWhinney. Oxford University Press.


Francis, Elaine J. and Laura A. Michaelis. 2012. Effects of weight and definiteness on speakers’ choice of clausal ordering in English. LSA Annual Meeting Extended Abstracts 2012 3(5).


Francis, Elaine J. 2011. Constraining mismatch in grammar and in sentence comprehension: The role of default correspondences. Etsuyo Yuasa, Tista Bagchi, and Katharine Beals, eds. Pragmatics and Autolexical Grammar: In honor of Jerry Sadock, pp. 279-298. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Francis, Elaine J., Stephen Matthews, Reace Wing Yan Wong, and Stella Wing Man Kwan. 2011. Effects of weight and syntactic priming on the production of Cantonese verb-doubling. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research 40: 1-28. Link


Francis, Elaine J. 2010. Grammatical weight and relative clause extraposition in English. Cognitive Linguistics 21(1): 35-74.


Francis, Elaine J. and Etsuyo Yuasa. 2008. A multi-modular approach to gradual change in grammaticalization. Journal of Linguistics 44(1): 45-86.


Francis, Elaine J. 2007. The role of default constructions in the processing of mismatch: The case of possessive free relatives. Stefan Müller, ed. Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar: Workshop on Constructions and Grammatical Theory, 345-363. Stanford: CSLI Publications.


Francis, Elaine J. and Stephen Matthews. 2006. Categoriality and object extraction in Cantonese serial verb constructions. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 24: 751-801.

For a complete list of Elaine Francis’s publications, including her pre-2006 publications and collaborations with other labs, please see her Publication Page or her CV.