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ENGL 620 Classroom Communication for International Graduate Students

The Oral English Proficiency Program offers a valuable opportunity for students to improve their English language skills. Enrolling in English 620 helps ensure success as a teaching assistant and enhances future career opportunities.

ENGL 620 is open to international graduate students who have received a score of 40 or 45 on the Oral English Proficiency Test and have been identified by their departments as potential teaching assistants. Departments determine which students will receive priority for the course, especially in the fall semester when demand for ENGL 620 is very high. Students who are currently funded with research assistantships or fellowships are also welcome to enroll in the course. However, we ask departments to wait until the spring or summer semester to enroll these students so that students needing to be certified by the class in order to be eligible for teaching assistantships may take the course in the fall.

ENGL 620 carries 5 credit hours. These credits do not apply toward a student's plan of study; however, they do count toward the minimum credit hours that international graduate students are required to take each semester.

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