Timeless Wisdom

Frederick Douglass Timeless

Frederick Douglass was a man of deep conviction, and also great complexity. Himself an escaped slave, Douglass gained international renown in the 19th century as a brilliant orator and leader in the American abolitionist movement. But while Douglass’ passion for the cause of equality drove his actions as a reformer, his rhetoric could seem contradictory […]

Human touch

Machu Picchu

Not so long ago, Joe Tort recalls taking regular calls from distraught students who were struggling to adapt to the cultural differences they experienced while studying or working abroad. The director of Purdue’s Global Engineering Alliance for Research and Education (GEARE) program, Tort hardly ever takes those calls anymore – a change he attributes to […]

Their quarantine stories

Balcony in Italy during quarantine

As a fan of Brandon Stanton’s “Humans of New York” project, Amanda Mayes has come to appreciate that everyone has a story to tell.  Stanton’s memorable interview series came to mind this spring when Mayes and her Purdue Student Life co-workers discussed outreach during the coronavirus shutdown. She had a revelation: Why not invite students to share their own tales of […]