Space walking

Voss Model

A student project to highlight Purdue’s distinguished history in space exploration includes little-known facts that hold an element of surprise for everyone – even members of one of the University’s most prominent NASA families. Amy Ross (BSME 1994, MSME 1996) – a NASA spacesuit designer and daughter of Purdue astronaut alumnus Jerry Ross (BSME 1970, […]

Multiple levels of appreciation

Wall tulips

Visitors to the Robert L. Ringel Gallery should expect to experience multiple stages of appreciation when they view Anna Ridler’s AI-driven artwork between now and Sept. 26. At its most basic level, Ridler’s “Dreaming, Automated: Deep Learning, Data Sets, and Decay” will feature digitized images of tulips that change before their eyes. However, there is […]

Meet visiting artist Anna Ridler

Mosaic Virus

Once upon a time in the Netherlands, people were willing to spend astronomical sums of money on tulip bulbs. The “tulip mania” that swept through Europe in the 17th century is often referred to as the first recorded speculative bubble, where the going rate for a good far exceeds its fundamental value. But while “tulip […]