Facilitating tough conversations

The Argument

In a year that began with a pandemic and will end with a presidential election, there has rarely been a greater period of – or opportunity for – political divisiveness in the modern age.  Marcus Mann, assistant professor of sociology, refers to the country’s present condition as “the golden age of political polarization,” abetted in […]

Studying religion at Purdue

Purdue Religion 1

Religion is a bigger part of Purdue’s history than most people realize, but studying religion at Purdue is a fairly recent development. In fact, the two of us have witnessed, and actively participated in, most of it – Jim as a sociologist of religion, Don as a philosopher emphasizing Eastern religions, especially Buddhism. Here is the story, as we understand […]

A faithful partnership

Don Mitchell and Pope Francis

As someone who has practiced both religions at points in his life, Donald Mitchell is uniquely qualified to serve as an intermediary between Buddhists and Catholics. The professor emeritus of philosophy has long participated in dialogues between the two faith groups, and more recently undertook what he described as a capstone project in interreligious cooperation. […]