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The genomic revolution has resulted in the unprecedented accumulation of vast amounts of genetic data that can help us understand the intersections between our social environments and human outcomes in society. As genetic data becomes increasingly linked with complex social behaviors, it is critical that researchers draw together social science theory, computational methodologies, and empirical realities to produce a richer and deeper understanding of social life with careful attention to implications for its ethical use in society. 

Sociogenomics is a field that necessitates high levels of collaboration across academic disciplines. At Purdue, we take the transdisciplinary nature of this research effort seriously. Launching the first large-scale cross-disciplinary cluster of its kind at the University means drawing together substantial resources of a premier STEM institution and working across our colleges and disciplines to breathe new life into questions once siloed by disciplinary boundaries. We seek candidates who are interested in and have experience on transdisciplinary teams and working with genetic data to bring a fresh approach to answering today’s most pressing social science research questions.