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Margaret Church Memorial Prize Winners

Margaret Church

1984 - Present

The Margaret Church MFS Memorial Prize was established in 1984 in memory of Dr. Church, Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Purdue University and a longtime editor of this journal.  She died in 1982.  Winners of the annual prize are announced in the Summer issue of each volume.

Award DateAuthorTitleIssuePages
1984 Carl Freedman Antinomies of 1984 30.4   601-20 
1985 Paul M. Hadeen A Symbolic Center in a Conceptual Country: A Gassian  Rubric for The Sound and the Fury 31.4 623-43
1986 Thomas C. Beattie Moments of Meaning Dearly Achieved: Virginia Woolf’s Sense of an Ending 32.4   521-41
*1986 Ronald R. Thomas In the Company of Strangers: Absent Voices in Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Beckett’s Company 32.2   157-73
1987 Tom LeClair  Deconstructing the Logos: Don DeLillo’s End Zone 33.1   105-23
*1987 Liliane Weissberg Editing Adventures: Writing the Text of Julius Rodman 33.3 413-30 
1988 Alan Nadel  Reading the Body: Alice Walker’s Meridian and the Archeology of Self 34.1 55-68
1989 Margot Norris Stifled Back Answers: The Gender Politics of Art in Joyce’s "The Dead” 35.3 479-503
1990 Kim McMullen The Fiction of Correspondence: LETTERS and History 36.3   405-20
1991 Kofi Owusu The Politics of Interpretation: The Novels of Chinua Achebe 38.3  459-70
1992 Richard Begam  Splitting the Différance: Beckett, Derrida and the Unnamable 38.4 873-92
1993 Chris Bongie  “Lost in the Maze of Doubting": J. M. Coetzee’s Foe and the Politics of (Un)likeness 39.2  261-81
1994 Ross Chambers Meditation and the Escalator Principle (On Nicholson Baker’s The Mezzanine) 40.4  765-806
*1994 Margaret Scanlon Writers among Terrorists: Don DeLillo’s Mao II and the Rushdie Affair 40.2  229-52
1995 John A. McClure  Postmodern/Post-secular: Contemporary Fiction and Spirituality 41.1 141-63 
*1995 Thomas B. Byers Terminating the Postmodern: Masculinity and Pomophobia 41.1 5-33
1996 Barbara Foley Jean Toomer’s Washington and the Politics of Class: From "Blue Veins" to Seventh Street  Rebels 42.2 289-321
1997 Beverly Haviland Passing from Paranoia to Plagiarism: The Abject Authorship of Nella Larsen 43.2   295-318
1998 Sarah Cole   Conradian Alienation and Imperial Intimacy 44.2 251-81
1999 Celia Marshik "Public Women": Prostitution and Censorship in Three Novels by Virginia Woolf 45.4  853-86
2000 Mark Sanders Truth, Telling, Questioning: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Antjie Krog's Country of My Skull, and Literature after Apartheid 46.1 13-41
2001 Jean Gallagher Vision and Inversion in Nightwood 47.2 279-305
2002 Erin G. Carlston Secret Dossiers: Sexuality, Race, and Treason in Proust and the Dreyfus Affair 48.4  937-68
2003 Yung-Hsing Wu Doing Things with Ethics: Beloved, Sula, and the Reading of Judgment 49.4  780-805
2004 Urmila Seshagiri Orienting Virginia Woolf: Race, Aesthetics, and Politics in To the Lighthouse 50.1  58-84 
*2004 Jonathan Boulter  Does Mourning Require a Subject? Samuel Beckett's Texts for Nothing 50.2  332-50
2005 Sara Blair Whose Modernism is it? Abraham Cahan, Fictions of Yiddish, and the Contest of Modernity 51.2   258-84
2006 Hsuan L. Hsu Mimicry, Spatial Captation, and Feng Shui in Han Ong's Fixer Chao 52.3 675-704
2007 Carey Snyder "When the Indian was in Vogue": D. H. Lawrence, Aldous Huxley, and Ethnological Tourism in the Southwest 53.4 662-96
2008 Sarah Crangle The Time Being: On Woolf and Boredom 54.2 209-32
2009 Rob Nixon Neoliberalism, Slow Violence, and the Environmental Picaresque 55.3 443-67
2010 Adam Barrows "The Shortcomings of Timetables": Greenwich, Modernism, and the Limits of Modernity 56.2 262-89
2011 Laura Saltz "The Vision-Building Faculty": Naturalist Vision in The House of Mirth 57.1 17-46
2012 Matthew Hart and Tanya Lown-Hecht The Extraterritorial Poetics of W. G. Sebald 58.2 214-38
2013 Ellen Crowell Posthumous Playback: Oscar Wilde and the Phonographic Logic of Modern Biography 59.3 480-500
2014 Adam T. Jernigan Paraliterary Labors in Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar: Typists, Teachers, and the Pink-Collar Subtext 60.1 1-27
2015 Matthew Eatough Planning the Future: Scenario Planning, Infrastructural Time, and South African Fiction 61.4 690-714
2016 Robin Blyn Belonging to the Network: Neoliberalism and Postmodernism in Tropic of Orange 62.2 191-216
2017 Catherine Keyser Candy Boys and Chocolate Factories: Roald Dahl, Racialization, and Global Industry 63.3 403-28

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