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Susan Curtis Symposium

December 6, 2019

The Department of History recognized Professor Susan Curtis for 30 years of service at Purdue University with the Susan Curtis Symposium on December 6, 2019. Nine of Professor Curtis’s former doctoral students from History and American Studies returned to speak about their ongoing research and the experience of graduate study under her direction. Congratulations, Professor Curtis!


Friday, December 6, 2019


12:00 p.m. Lunch (STEW 218AB)
12:50 Welcome & Introduction
Frederick R. Davis, Head, Department of History

Religion (STEW 218AB)
1:00 Pamela K. Sari, Purdue University
1:20 Mark Edwards, Spring Arbor University
1:40 Scott Hoffman, Austin PBS, KLRU-TV
2:00 Questions & Discussion

Gender (STEW 218AB)
2:10 Mary Barford, Western Governor’s University
2:30 Abby Stephens Elliott, Mount Ayr Middle/High School
2:50 Daniel Clark, Indiana State University
3:10 Questions & Discussion

Race (STEW 218AB)
3:20 Lee Bebout, Arizona State University
3:40 Arthur Banton, Tennessee Tech University
4:00 Jennifer Sdunzik, Purdue University
4:20 Questions & Discussion

4:30 Susan Curtis (STEW 218AB)

5:00-6:30 Reception (PMU Anniversary Drawing Room)


Arthur Banton
Department of History, Tennessee Tech University
Dissertation: “Running for Integration: CCNY and the Promise of Interracial Cooperation”

Mary Barford
Western Governor’s University
Dissertation: “Intimacy and Autonomy: Twentieth-Century Women and the Quest for Self-Realization”

Lee Bebout
Department of English, Arizona State University
Dissertation: “The Presence of the Past: The Mythohistorical in the Chicano Movement and the Post-Movement Era”
Books: Mythohistorical Interventions: The Chicano Movement and Its Legacies; Whiteness on the Border: Mapping the U.S. Racial Imagination in Brown and White

Daniel Clark
Department of History, Indiana State University
Dissertation: “Creating the College Man: American Magazines, Masculinity, and Business Success in Transition, 1880-1929”
Book: Creating the College Man: American Mass Magazines and Middle-Class Manhood, 1890-1915

Mark Edwards
Department of History, Spring Arbor University
Dissertation: “Bringing Our World Together in the Empire of Christian Realism, 1870-1952”
Books: The Right of the Protestant Left: God’s Totalitarianism; Faith and Foreign Affairs in the American Century

Abby Stephens Elliott
Mount Ayr Middle/High School, Mount Ayr, Iowa
Dissertation: “Unusual Archives and Unconventional Autobiographies: Interpreting the Experience of Rural Women, 1940-1985”

Scott Hoffman
Dissertation: “Haloed by the Nation: Popular Martyrdom in Contemporary America”

Pamela K. Sari
Director, Asian American and Asian Resources and Cultural Center, Purdue University
Dissertation: “Politics of the (Most) High: Transnational Networks between Gospel of the Kingdom Megachurch in Central Java, Indonesia and Pentecostal/Charismatic Institutions in the United States”

Jennifer Sdunzik
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Evaluation and Learning Research Center, Purdue University
Dissertation: “Mapping Whiteness: Uncovering the Legacy of All-White Towns in Indiana” (Winner of the 2019 CLA Distinguished Dissertation Award)