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Procedure for applying for research funding

History Honors students enrolled in HIST 421 and HIST 422 must submit a research funding proposal as part of their coursework, and they may submit this proposal to apply for financial support to travel to archives necessary for their undergraduate thesis projects.  Funding may be up to $750 toward expenses for domestic travel for research, and up to $1,500 toward expenses for international travel for research.  The deadline for submitting the research proposal is late October or early November (this will be specified in the syllabus) for review by the History Honors Committee.  Given the schedule for completion of the thesis, the best time for research travel would be during winter break

The proposal should be no more than two double-spaced pages and include a brief explanation of the research project, the specific materials at a specific archive that students propose to visit, and the importance of that material to the project.  Applicants should indicate that they have confirmed with the archive the availability of and access to the materials for the proposed visit.  The proposal should include a budget, listing the cost of travel and lodging for the requested visit.  Reimbursement for research travel is contingent upon completion of the thesis and of HIST 422.

History honors students should also consider applying to the Honors College and to the Office of Undergraduate Research for funds to support undergraduate research.