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Requirements to Graduate with Honors in History

  1. Completion of a minimum of 33 credit hours in History.

  2. Completion of the 2-semester, sequential Honors Thesis in Historical Research course (HIST 421 and HIST 422).  Admission to HIST 422 is contingent upon earning a grade of a B or better in HIST 421 (a grade of a B- will not qualify).

  3. Completion of HIST 422 with a grade of B or better. Students completing HIST 422 with grades between D- and B- will get credit for the course, but will not graduate with honors.

Thesis Requirements

  1. Students should pick up the Mentor Selection Form for admission to HIST 422 course at the History Department's main office (UNIV 231) & online. (Form 2 not required for admission to HIST 421.)

  2. Students must submit the form, which includes the signature of the History faculty member agreeing to serve as mentor for the project, to the Department's Honors Director. This form must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. Friday of the fourth week of enrollment in HIST 421.  The Committee reserves the right to reject choices that it considers inappropriate.

  3. Students must submit the final thesis by April 1 (spring semester) to their thesis mentor and one other permanent History faculty member who has agreed to read the thesis. In special cases, with the permission of the Director of History Honors, a student may choose a full-time faculty member from another department as second reader.

  4. Students must schedule an oral 30-minute defense of the thesis with the two above-mentioned faculty members. This defense must occur by December 1 (fall semester) or April 15 (spring semester).

  5. The thesis mentor will submit copies of the Completion of Thesis Form available at the History Department's main office (UNIV 231) to the Honors Director. (It will be the responsibility of the Honors Director to see to it that the student's final transcript notes the fulfillment of all requirements for graduate with Honors in History.)