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Photo Gallery

SPRING 2022 Honors Class
L to R: Ian Smith, Payton Garrett, Ally Eaton, Katelyn Leffler, Nathan Au, Sydney Greenwood, and Marnie Abram (inset)

 2022 History Honors students


SPRING 2021 Honors Class
L to R: Daniel Williams, Wesley Morning, Lea Cejvan, Nidhi Shekar, Alex Griffin-Little, Charlotte Li, Samuel Leeds, Roberto Kampfner


  2021 Honoree Presentations:

Daniel Williams (2021 Honoree), “Not Forgotten But Ongoing: The Case of the 106-Year Armenian Genocide and Turkish Denial.”  Mentors:  Professors Klein-Pejsova, Holden, and Walton

Lea Cejvan (2021 Honoree), “An Analysis of Bosnian Migrant Perceptions and Cultural Transfers in Twentieth-Century Chicago.”  Mentors: Professors Foray and Klein-Pejsova


Alex Griffin-Little (2021 Honoree), “Home Is Where the Hate Is: Housing and Education Discrimination in Greater Lafayette in the Twentieth Century.”  Mentors:  Professors Gabin and Brownell


Roberto Kampfner (2021 Honoree), “Vincent van Gogh: Religious Consolation, Visions of the Poor, and His World-Renowned Artworks’ Connection to God.”  Mentors:  Professors de la Fuente and Fleetham


Samuel Leeds (2021 Honoree), “A Social Scientist, Two Bishops, and Darwin:  The Presence of Darwinism in Three African Americans’ Views on Race, between 1871-1920.”  Mentors:  Professors Davis and Bynum

Charlotte Li (2021 Honoree), “The Pulse of the City: Diversity and Accessibility in the Allen County Public Library 1895-2020.”  Mentors:  Professors Gabin and Larson

Nidhi Shekar (2021 Honoree), “Deconstructing Democracy: A Comparative Analysis on Subjugation Using the Melian Dialogue and the US Constitution.”  Mentors:  Professors Pitts, Mercier, and Walton


Wesley Morning (2021 Honoree), “Living in the White House: The Significance of the First Family in Cold War Politics.”   Mentors:  Professors Brownell and Gabin



SPRING 2020 Honors Class
L to R: Andrew Chapman, Nicholas Short, Ryan Wettschurack, Jake Patterson

2020 Honor Students 

SPRING 2019 Honors Class
L to R: Emma Maggart, Jacqueline Krogmeier, Theodore Sagendorf, John Knight, Tatum Theaman

  2019 Honors Class


John Knight, (2019 Honoree) 

John Knight

Jacqueline Krogmeier, (2019 Honoree)

Jacqueline Krogmeier 2019 

 Emma Maggart, (2019 Honoree)

Emma Maggart 2019

Theodore A. Sagendorf, (2019 Honoree)

Theodore Sagendorf 2019

Tatum Theaman, (2019 Honoree)
  Tatum Theaman 2019


Walton and 2019 honor students

  SPRING 2019 Advisor and   Honors Class

L to R: Wendy Walton, Emma Maggart, Jacqueline Krogmeier, Theodore Sagendorf, John Knight, Tatum Theaman


  "History Honors, HIST 395, and graduate students at the Newberry Library, Chicago, 2018” "History Honors, HIST 395, and graduate students at the Newberry Library, Chicago, 2018”


  SPRING 2018 Honors Class

L to R: Kelsey Chapman, Allison Ferrara, Daniel King, Tiffany Hunsinger, Daniele Celano, Alex Davis, Colleen Couch, Katelyn Graham
2018 Honors class


L to R: Jonathan Welk, Alex Reisinger, Eden Holmes, Ian Campbell, Mary Strong

2017 Honors class


L to R: Andrea Matio, Emma Gaier, Sam Walburn, Ally Wong, Chelsea Rose

Honors class of 2016


L to R: Emily Durkin, Hannah Vaughn, Nekoda Witsken, Ryan Freeman, Jill Bosserman, Lauren Haslem,
Jon Schoenwetter  (Not pictured: Kevin Adams)

2015 honors class

2014 Honors Class (L-R)

  Front row:  Samantha Richards, Jennifer McVeigh, Professor Zook, Madison Heslop, Katie Martin
  Back row: Bradley Pierson, Grant Priester, Kevin Robey, Robert Kugler, Luke Howard

2014 honors 
2014 Honors class

Samantha Richards 
Samantha Richards showing the 1918 British government's "Blue Book"


Luke Howard
Luke Howard

Kevin Robey
Kevin Robey 

2013 Honors Program

2013 Honors Class

2013 Honors Class

Cade Carmichael

Cade Carmichael

Cade Carmichael giving speech

Cade Carmichael giving presentation

John Foerster

John Foerster

John Foerster giving speech

John Foerster giving presentation

Kristen Blankenbaker

Kristen Blankenbaker

Kristen Blankenbaker giving speech

Kristen Blankenbaker giving presentation

Kelsey Campbell

Kelsey Campbell

Kelsey Campbell speech

Kelsey Campbell giving presentation

Olivia Hagedorn

Olivia Hagedorn

Olivia Hagedorn giving speech

Olivia Hagedorn giving presentation

Cade Carmichael, John Foerster, Olivia Hagedorn

Cade Carmichael, John Foerster, Olivia Hagedorn at the
2013 Women's Celebration



2012 Honors Class

Bair presenting 

Jessica Bair

Dahl presenting 

Vince Dahl

Dahl and Zook 

Professor Zook and Vince Dahl


2011 Honors

2011 Honors photo of Katrina Galt, Brittany Poe and William Vogel 

2011 Honors Class

Poe presenting 

Brittany Poe

Vogel presenting  

William Vogel



2010 Honors

2010 Honors photo of Rebecca Lutton, Max Vande Vaarst, Ellie Carolus, Amy Heaney, Corrina Smith - not picture Gregory Halami 

2010 Honors Class


Amy Heaney

Smith presenting 

Corrina Smith

Carolus presenting 

Ellie Carolus

Halmi presenting 

Gregory Halmi

Vandevaarst presenting 

Max Vande Vaarst

Lutton presenting 

Rebecca Lutton

Bob May and Smith 

Professor Bob May and Corinna Smith


2009 Honors

2009 Honors photo of Nicole Carpehart, Emily Dawes, Charles Spencer, Samuel Needham, Rosemary Arnold and Mark Robison 

2009 Honors Class


Charles Spencer


Emily Dawes


Mark Robison


Nicole Capehart


Roesmary Arnold


Samuel Needham

Spenser and Needham 

Max Vande Vaarst and Samuel Needham

2008 Honors

2008 Honors photo of Iyad Shihadeh, Emma Meyer, Siobhan McGuire, Meredith Horn and Mark Johnson 

2008 Honors Class

Shihadeh presentation 

Iyad Shihadeh


Meredith Horn

S. McGuire 

Siobhan McGuire

Bob May and Johnson 

Professor Bob May and Mark Johnson

Larry Mykytiuk and Iyad Shihadeh

Larry Mykituk and Iyad Shihadeh