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Students Awards and Accomplishments

Outstanding Senior Award

Each year, this award is given to a graduating art history major for achieving academic success and showing a strong commitment to their major, while demonstrating leadership ability and maintaining a balance of academic and extracurricular activities and/or a job.

Past Art History Outstanding Seniors:

  • Nicolas Dowling, 2022
  • Frances Opferman, 2021
  • Lucy Pham, 2020
  • Lindsey Wurz, 2019
  • Jessica McDaniel, 2018
  • Michaelene Werth, 2015
  • Lindsey Zachman, 2013
  • Kellye Longgood, 2012
  • Stacey Smythe, 2010
  • Kyle Sweeney, 2009
  • Leslie Houin, 2008

Outstanding Sophomore Award

Each year, the Art History program selects an Outstanding Sophomore, who is recognized at a campus-wide event organized by the National & International Scholarships Office (NISO). More information on the award is available at:

Past Art History Outstanding Sophomores:

  • Audra Martin, 2022

Literary Awards: Outstanding Essay in the History of Visual Arts

All students are welcome to submit research papers for consideration for Literary Awards offered by the English Department at Purdue, specifically, for an Outstanding Essay in the History of the Visual Arts, not necessarily restricted to papers written in art history courses. The award is granted each spring. Entries are to be hand-delivered to the Main Office of the Department of English, 324 Heavilon Hall, at the beginning of February. Awards are presented at the Literary Awards banquet in April.

Past Literary Awards in the Visual Arts:

  • Kathryn Math, 2016
  • Michaelene Wreth, 2015 (CLA Dean's Award for Best Undergraduate Entry)
  • Selina Hammond, 2014
  • Dustin Meyer (Honorable Mention), 2014
  • David Warrick, 2013
  • Katherine Morrison, 2012
  • Jayne Mack, 2011
  • Elizabeth Nichols, 2011

Outstanding Essay Award

All students, regardless of major, are welcome to submit research-based papers prepared in their art history courses to be considered for the essay prize contest. The Outstanding Essay Award is given in late spring of each academic year, and it was created to encourage students to achieve excellence in writing. Essays should be a minimum of six typewritten pages in length, and they are judged by a faculty committee. Winners receive a book tailored to their individual art historical interest as well as a certificate.

Past Outstanding Essay Awards:

  • Sarah Cramer, 2015
  • Dillon Mills, 2013
  • Valerie Kenneson, 2013
  • Elizabeth Nichols, 2012
  • Allie Brandt, 2012
  • Thomas Kuipers, 2012
  • Jayne Mack, 2010
  • Jennifer Van Dame, 2009
  • Ann Fields, 2009
  • Fallon Peers, 2009
  • Yawen Hu, 2008
  • Kyle Sweeney, 2008