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MFA: Studio Arts


M.F.A. in Studio Arts

The MFA degree program in Studio Arts in the Department of Art and Design at Purdue University attracts highly motivated individuals who thrive and flourish in a dynamic interdisciplinary environment. Located at a top-ranked comprehensive university, graduate students in Studio Arts are in the midst of cutting-edge research, technologies and resources to inspire and create their work. They benefit from the interdisciplinary relationships established by faculty that cross departments, schools and colleges through course offerings, research assistantship opportunities and collaborative projects.

The Studio Arts graduate program provides a home for these explorations while allowing students to develop and refine their individual means of artistic expression, conceptual approaches and critical research skills under the mentorship of actively engaged artists and educators. 

The three-year MFA curriculum combines studio practice with theory, art history, and elective courses, encouraging students to form study plans according to their specific vision. Much of the coursework is completed during the first half of the program, dedicating the remainder of time to creative research and the completion of a thesis exhibition. Students also have the option of completing a formal thesis in addition to their final exhibition. 

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Teaching Assistantship Opportunity

Teaching assistantships for foundational courses are available for highly qualified students. Full teaching assistantships (teaching two courses per semester) provide a base salary of approximately $21,000 for ten months. The Teaching Assistantship includes generous benefits and valued art and design teaching experience:

  • Full-tuition waiver
  • Competitive stipend
  • Medical benefits package (if half-time)
  • Spouse eligibility for in-state tuition

Teaching Assistants teach two classes each semester and work closely with a faculty coordinator. They must register for designated Teaching Assistantship courses. For additional information and qualification click here.