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Photography/Integrated Studio Arts

Photography, since its invention almost two hundred years ago, has continued to gain importance not only as a means of artistic expression and visual stimulation but also as an unparalleled vehicle for communication. When words are not understood, the visual image speaks for itself.

Purdue University's Department of Art and Design offers a well-rounded photography program that includes courses in black and white photography including film development and dark room printing, digital imaging, alternative processes, studio lighting, digital video and commercial practice in photography. Courses in the history of photography from its beginning until present day help new artists think and see in unique ways. The classes are designed to address the needs of students who seek to be working artists and those interested in commercial practice.

Class sizes are capped under 15 and offer a lot of one-on-one discussion between instructors and students. Students form close-knit friendships during class and in critique sessions that bring Purdue's large campus into more of an intimate setting while still offering all of the opportunities and excitement of a major university.