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Photography Courses

Photography Plan of Study

AD 11700-Photography I: Black and White Processes and Aesthetics
Credit Hours: 3.00.  Introductory course in sliver-based photographic processes and creative image making.  Emphasis is on the development of camera and darkrooom techniques, and fostering critical thinking skills related to the traditions and aesthetics of black and white photographic practice.  Typically offered in Fall and Spring

AD 11900-Photography II: Color Imaging and Studio Practice
Credit Hours: 3.00.  Introductory course in creative use of color photographic processes and studio practices.  Emphasis is on the acquisition of camera, studio and digital printing skills which enable students to successfully perceive and stucture images reflecting color's formal, symbolic, and emotional impact.  Typically offered in Fall and Spring

AD23600-Lighting Fundamentals for Photography
Credit Hours: 3.00. Introductory course in understanding electronic strobe lighting.  Begins with a review of basic lighting principles and a series of problem-solving assignments, which introduce control, and applications of electronic strobe lighting.  Still life photography and portraiture are emphasized and covers on-location lighting.  Typically offered in Spring

AD 26700-Digital Media I: Photography and Digital Imaging
Credit Hours: 3.00. An indroductory course in the creative generation and digital enhancement of photo-related imagery.  Emphasis is on the development of techincal and critical thinking skills, as well as fostering an awareness of pertinent theoretical issues.  Typically offered in Fall

AD 25100-History of Photography I
Credit Hours: 3.00. An introduction of the history of photography from the medium's inception until the start of the digital era.  Emphasis is placed on understanding photographs from a variety of aesthetic, social, and cultural perspectives, including those of race, class and gender.  Typically offered in Fall

AD 33100-Digital Video Production and Aesthetics
Credit Hours: 300. Introduction to video as an art medium.  Approaches include making narrative, experimental, music video and commercial video.  Students gain profiency in technical and conceptual aspects of the medium through shooting exercises, production workshops, digital editing, and group critiques.  Typically offered in Fall

AD 33700-Commercial and Professional Practice in Photography
Credit Hours: 3.00. This course introduces students to the skills necessary to attaining entry-level employment in the photographic field and familiarizes students with the vocabulary, procedures, and working realities specific to occupations in the field of photography in the areas of photo-journalism, magazine illustration, advertising/web design, and fine arts.  Permission of department required.  Typically offered Fall

AD 38100-Fine Art Photographic Printmaking and Artist's Book
Credit Hours 3.00. An intermediate level course in fine art photographic printmaking, portfolio production, and integration of image with text.  Students will explore camera formats, presentation issues, and bookmaking techniques.  Special emphasis placed upon the creative process.  Prerequisites: Acceptance into Photography and Related Media program by successful performance in the mandatory portfolio review.  Typically offered Spring