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Sky, Blue, Heavens

September 02, 2003 through October 12, 2003
Stewart Center Gallery

Image from Sky, Blue, Heavens Exhibition Image from Sky, Blue, Heavens Exhibition

"What dreams we have and how they fly."
- Paul Laurence Dunbar

Over the last century, the achievement of manned flight has fulfilled a long-held dream of mankind. Sky, Blue, Heavens is a national exhibit of artists' creative responses to the achievement of manned flight whether it be powered by machine, by muscle, or by imagination. The exhibit is presented in connection with Purdue University's Centennial of Flight activities, which will include Purdue Convocations presentation of a new touring production by the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company titled The Flight Project.

Purdue Physics PEARLS Program
Experience some of the basic physics principles assoicated with flight while you are visiting the exhibit. Purdue's Physics Educational Activities, Resources, and Learning Strategies (PEARLS) offers guests an opportunity to interact with hands-on activities complementing the exhibit.