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Auditions and Interviews

Upcoming Dates: Friday, August 16, 2024 1:00-2:00pm.

Location: Patti & Rusty Rueff School of Dance, Art, and Performance, PAO 2179

Please email to schedule a 15 minute time slot.

Auditions and Interviews are for music majors only. Students can schedule their audition/interview once they are admitted to Purdue University and have had their initial meeting with their academic advisor. 

The audition/interview process varies somewhat from one concentration to another. See specific requirements under each concentration for details. Students are provisionally admitted to the program (for 1 year) or until they have passed their audition/interview.

BA in Music Technology, Music Theory and Composition, or Jazz Studies

An audition which includes an interview, are required for these concentrations. You may choose to perform a live audition or submit an Mp3 (audio recording) or Mp4 (video). Email to schedule an audition and receive link to audition form.

Audition Repertoire Selection

There is no style preferences or restrictions for the audition music. Classical, Jazz, Rock, Folk, Country Western, Hip Hop, Religious, Non-Western, etc. are all acceptable. Perform a work or works that you feel best represents your talents and abilities. If you need assistance in selecting repertoire, please contact the music main office

Option 1: Present 5-8 minutes of music at an onsite audition.

Option 2: Send a 5-8 minutes recording or video audition.

Option 3: Send a 5-8 minutes video or audio recording of a work or production (original composition or arrangement) consisting of music made exclusively, or in part, using notation or DAW software. 

 BA in General Music Studies


An interview is the only requirement of this concentration, no audition. Email to schedule an interview and receive link to interview form.