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Several scholarships are available to students who major in the Department of Theatre, made possible by generous support from donors and endowments. All Theatre scholarships are awarded through a single application, reviewed by a committee of faculty and staff. Recipients of scholarships must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 in Theatre courses.


To apply for Theatre scholarships, please complete one of the applications below. The application deadline for incoming students is March 29, 2024. The application deadline for returning students is April 26, 2024

Application for Incoming Students
Application for Returning Students

For more information, please contact:
Ashley Bellett, Chair, Scholarship Committee
(765) 494-2144

Theatre Scholarships


Emerging Artist Scholarship

An award to new or continuing Theatre majors who have demonstrated exceptional skills, a positive attitude, and a strong work ethic.


Theatre Merit Scholarship

An awarded to incoming Theatre majors who have been actively involved in high school theatre programs and show exceptional promise.


The Gary and Carolyn Planck Scholarship in Theatre

An award established in 2012 by Gary and Carolyn Roberts Planck for Theatre majors who are residents of Indiana.


R.B. and Lillian Stewart Scholarship

Established in 1962 by the friends and colleagues of Lillian and Robert Stewart, former Treasurer and Vice President at Purdue University. This scholarship is for Theatre majors with financial need that are making notable contributions as citizens of the department and/or local and campus communities. 


Marietta Stallard Kettelhut Memorial Scholarship

A renewable scholarship established 1999 by Mary Ann Combs (BS 1954, History; MS 1991, Education) in memory of her mother, Marietta Stallard Kettelhut (BS 1927, CFS) for first year Theatre majors who have demonstrated academic excellence. 


Dorothy Runk Mennen Scholarship in Theatre

An merit-based award established in 2006 by alumni, colleagues and friends of Professor Dorothy Runk Mennen, distinguished alumna and award-winning educator who served as a role model for both students and teachers for more than 50 years. This scholarship is awarded to junior or senior students with at least one semester of study remaining at Purdue who have made outstanding artistic or craft contributions in the Department of Theatre and who have provided notable support and encouragement to their fellow students.


Joe Stockdale / Ross Smith Theatre Scholarship

An award established in August 1999 by Peter and Hope Schneider, Robert and Caroline Brunner, and others in honor of Joe Stockdale and Ross Smith . This award is for new and returning theatre majors who have demonstrated exceptional merit. Joe Stockdale was Professor of Theatre at Purdue for over 25 years and director of the LORT Purdue Professional Theatre Company. Ross Smith was a Purdue faculty member from 1942 through 1967 and became head of the Theatre Department in 1947. Professors Stockdale and Smith were the inaugural recipients of the Purdue Theatre Legacy Award. Smith served as co-chair of the Purdue Playshop with Stockdale, who co-founded the Purdue Professional Theatre Company.


Tom Moore Scholarship

An award established in 2017 by Dr. H. Thomas Moore III, a distinguished alumnus (BA 1965) for new students of exceptional talent or continuing students who raise the artistic standards of the Department of Theatre.


Studzinski Family Scholarship

Established in 2012 by Alan A. Studzinski and Susan Niemczyk Studzinski for Theatre majors who are Indiana residents.


Theatre Serendipity Scholarship

This scholarship supports the College of Liberal Arts’ commitment to enhancing a welcoming and inclusive learning environment and the belief that diversity of identity and experiential background is essential to educating students to serve the global, pluralistic societies of the 21st century. The scholarship is made possible by an anonymous donor inspired by the communal generosity and individual support received by the donor and spouse. Amount: $1,000. Renewable.

The Theatre Serendipity Scholarship aims to assist in the recruitment and retention of students with a strong academic record who enhance the diversity of the Department of Theatre. 


Additional Scholarships

Purdue University provides a number of scholarship opportunities for students with outstanding merit. For more information about these scholarships, see the Purdue Office of Admissions.

For additional information about scholarship opportunities and application procedures, you may visit these sites:

Purdue University Office of Admissions 
Purdue University Division of Financial Aid