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  • James Stratton, PhD Student in Linguistics has been awarded the Richard M. Hogg prize for his paper on English language and Linguistics.  

  • Cheryl Cooky, professor of American Studies and Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies discusses the importance of activism in Black women athletes in this article in the New York Times.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  • As tens of thousands gathered for the March on Washington, Indiana residents watched and talked about the right to vote. Nadia Brown, an associate professor of political science and African American studies, talks about the march and the importance of voting. This had 366 media placements.  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Link:

  • With many schools cancelling music classes and programs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Christopher Cayari, an assistant professor of music in the Patti and Rusty Rueff School of Deisgn, Art and Performance, talks about ways to use technology for those programs.  Link

  • Dr. Faithe Day, post-doctoral fellow in African American Studies and Data Curation received Enabling Inclusion grant for her project “Data Promises and Perils in the Time of COVID: Critical Data Studies Teach-Ins and Syllabus Project for Enabling Inclusion at Purdue."

  • Dr. Stephanie Zywicki, assistant professor in Curriculum and Instruction, received Enabling Inclusion grant for her project "“Enabling Inclusion: Challenging Faculty to Disrupt Surveillance and Discipline of Black Women in Higher Education." 

  • Dr. Laura Zanotti, professor in Anthropology, received Enabling Inclusion grant for her project “Next Steps – Environment Justice, Climate Change, and Racial Justice." 

  • Nadia Brown, associate professor of political science, talks about Sen. Kamala Harris' multiracial identity and the history of race in the U.S. Boston Globe link:

  • DeShon Rondell Washington Jr., a Film & Video Studies student received an honorable mention for their script "Him" submitted to the MFI Screenwriting Competition

  • Nadia Brown, an associate professor of political science, discusses Joe Biden's vice president search.  Susan Rice, a form a former national security adviser and the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, has been mentioned as a potential candidate. Brown’s interview on the vice president search had 24 media placements. ABC News Link:


  • Pandemic creates new appreciation for care workers 
    Associate Professor of History and Director of Global Studies Tithi Bhattacharya discussed the history of care work and the pay associated with nurses, teachers, child care workers, and more. The Nation

  • Black female mayors take the spotlight 
    An Associated Press story quoted Assistant Professor of Political Science Nadia Brown about the praise being given to multiple black female mayors across the nation during protests of police brutality and the COVID-19 pandemic. Brown spoke with MSN for a story about the racial, economic and health issues facing President Trump during his re-election campaign. Los Angeles Times | MSN

  • Historical lessons learned from the black press 
    Associate Professor of History Kim Gallon wrote about the lessons that today's mainstream media can learn from the history of the black press in the age of a pandemic. Medium

  • Robo-umps will permanently change baseball 
    Director of American Studies Rayvon Fouché wrote about the use of technology in Major League Baseball games, especially robotic umpires. The Conversation

  • What equal pay in sports really means 
    A 2015 study conducted by Cheryl Cooky, associate professor of American Studies and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and two USC professors was noted in an ESPN piece on equal pay in sports. ESPN

  • Dr. Nadia Brown, Associate Professor of Political Science and School of Interdisciplinary Studies, discusses Black Lives Matter and Social Media. 

  • Dr. Lori Czerwionka, Associate Professor of Spanish and Linguistics, received the Humanities Connections Planning Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities for the project "Intergrating the Humanities and Global Engineering". 

  • Lucinda Ray, a graduating senior majoring in Linguistics, French and Russian has received a Fulbright grant to teach English in Moldova.

  • THiNK Magazine features "Studying religion at Purdue". 

  • Aria Halliday (PhD 2017, American Studies) has been named a 2020 Career Enhancement Fellow by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation.  

  • Ariel Smith, American Studies Graduate Student, discusses Black History Month

  • Dr. TJ Boisseau, Associate Professor, discusses the signifance of "Ms."

  • Dr. Venetria Patton, Head of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies, talks about the Harlem Renaissance.  

  • Why does Amelia Earhart still fascinate us? 
    Tracey Jean Boisseau, Associate Professor of Interdisciplianry Studies, discusses Amelia Earhart and how she was compared to Charles Lindbergh on National Geographic.  

Cheryl Cooky (USA Today)

Cheryl Cooky (Reuters)

Cheryl Cooky featured in Washington Post article

Alejandro Cuza, Director of Linguistics, receives Liberal Arts' Outstanding Graduate Teacher award

Daniel W. Smith, Director of Philosophy and Literature, receives the Liberal Arts' Outstanding Graduate Teacher award

Aparajita Sagar, WGSS affiliate, receives Liberal Arts' Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching award

Derek Pacheco, American Studies affiliate, receives Charles B. Murphy Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching award

Yvonne Pitts, American Studies and WGSS affiliate, receives Charles B. Murphy Outstanding Undergraduate Teacahing award

Associate Professor Cheryl Cooky receives the Trailblazer Award

Jean Beaman featured on WBAA Article

Professor Nadia Brown featured in MarketWatch Article

Professor Nadia Brown Featured in Washington Post Article

Professor Beate Allert Featured in CLA For the Honor

Professor Nadia Brown Featured in Washington Post Article

Professor Tithi Bhattacharya's co-authors new book

Al Lopez receives the May 2018 Latino Cultural Center's award for Outstanding Faculty Member.

FVS featured in Think Magazine, 2018

Dan Olson serves as president of the Association for the Sociology of Religion

Sundquist receives Murphy Award

Ronnie Wilbur, Professor of Linguistics & Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences receives 2015 Research & Scholarship Distinction Award

Alfred Lopez promoted to Associate Head of School of Interdisciplinary Studies

Venetria K. Patton named head of School of Interdisciplinary Studies

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Honors & Awards

Student Awards

2020 Outstanding Senior ~ School of Interdisciplinary Studies: Margaret Tienhaara
2020 Outstanding Senior ~ Critical Disability Studies: Parker Beckman
2020 Outstanding Senior ~ Film and Video Studies, Creative Writing: Toyosi Begbaaji
2020 Outstanding Senior ~ Film and Video Studies, Theater Production: Benjamin Oliver
2020 Outstanding Senior ~ Global Studies: Margaret Tienhaara
2020 Outstanding Senior ~ Jewish Studies: Laura Galles
2020 Outstanding Senior ~ Linguistics: Esther Rivera
2020Outstanding Senior ~ Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: Lauren Bellamy


Lynn Fellowships: 2020-21

Gwénaël Bruno Jouin (Comparative Literature) 
Andrew Yost Kroninger (Comparative Literature) 

Purdue Doctoral Fellowship: 2020-21

Bryonna Reed (American Studies)
Judy Lynn Fisher (American Studies)

PRF Research Grant: 2020-21

Michelle Tran (American Studies)
Lang Wang (Comparative Literature) 

OIGP Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship: 2020-21

Yu Dou (American Studies)
Amy Hutchinson (Linguistics)

Faculty Awards & Promotions

Promotions to Professor

Cheryl A. Cooky, American Studies and Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies
Ariel E. de la Fuente, History, Comparative Literature and Latin American Studies
John D. Sundquist, German and Linguistics
Sharra L. Vostral, History, American Studies, Critical Disability Studies and Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies
Fabian Winkler, Design, Art, and Performance and Film and Video Studies
Laura C. Zanotti, Anthropology, American Studies, Latin American Studies and Native American and Indigenous Studies


Promotions to Associate Professor

Stacey L. Connaughton, Communication and Latin American Studies
Olga Dmitrieva, Russian and Linguistics
Kim T. Gallon, History, 
African American Studies and American Studies
Silvia Z. Mitchell, History, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Latin American Studies and Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies
Margaret M. Tillman, History and Comparative Literature


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Alejandro Cuza
Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, Linguistics, Latin American Studies; Chair of Department of Linguistics

  • Cuza, A. & Guijarro-Fuentes, P. (2020). The production of ser and estar in Catalan/Spanish bilingual children. In Sandro Sessarego and Juan Colomina (eds.), Language Patterns in Spanish and Beyond: Structure, Context and Development. Routledge Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics.

  • Lustres, E., Cuza, A., García, A. (2020). The acquisition of obligatory and variable mood selection in epistemic predicates by L2 learners and heritage speakers of Spanish. In Pascual y Cabo & Idoia Elola (eds.), Current Theoretical and Applied Perspectives on Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics (pp. 319-342). Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

  • Jiao, J., Cuza, A. & López-Otero, J.C. (2020). The acquisition of personal a among Chinese-speaking L2 Learners of Spanish: A case for syntactic complexity. In Pascual y Cabo & Idoia Elola (eds.), Current Theoretical and Applied Perspectives on Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics (pp. 233-252).  Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

  • López-Otero, J.C. & Cuza, A. (2020). The distribution and use of present and past progressive forms in Spanish-English and ​Spanish-Brazilian Portuguese bilinguals. In Luis Ortiz, Rosa Guzzardo Tamargo & Melvin González Rivera (eds.), Hispanic Contact Linguistics: Theoretical, Methodological and Empirical Perspectives (pp. 63-89) Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Angelica Duran
Professor of English, Comparative Literature, Religious Studies, and Critical Disability Studies

April Ginther
Professor of English and Linguistics; Director of OEPP

  • Local Language Testing: Design, Implementation, and Maintenance (Routledge, 2020).

Cheryl Cooky
Associate Professor American Studies

  • No Slam Dunk: Gender Sport and the Unevenness of Change, New Brunswick Rutgers University Press, 2018

Rayvon Fouche
Professor of American Studies; Director of American Studies

  • Game Changer: The Technoscience Revolution in Sports, Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2017

  • Handbook of Science and Technology Studies, Fourth Edition, Edited with Clark Miller, Ulrike Felt, and Laurel Smith-Doerr. Boston: MIT Press, 2017

Daniel Frank
Professor of Philosophy; Director, Jewish Studies Program

  • Jewish Philosophy Past and Present: Contemporary Responses to Classical Sources. London and New York: Routledge, 2017.

Elizabeth Hoffman
Associate Professor of Professor of Sociology and American Studies

  • "Allies Already Poised to Comply: How Social Proximity Affects Lactation at Work Law Compliance." Law & Society Review, 53: 791-822.

Cara Kinnally
Associate Professor of Spanish, American Studies, Comparative Literature, Latin American Studies

  • Forgotten Futures, Colonized Pasts: Transnational Collaboration in Nineteenth-Century Greater Mexico.  Buckness University Press, 2019

  • "Oral Culture (Literacy, Religion, Performance)." In Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Literature.  January 2019

Maren Linett
Professor of English; Director, Critical Disability Studies

  • Literary Bioethics; Animality, Disability, and the Human (NYU Press 2020)

Ashley Purpura 
Assistant Professor in Religious Studies

  • God, Hierarchy, and Power: Orthodox Theologies of Authority from Byzantium.  New York: Fordham University Press, 2018

Thomas Ryba
Adjunct Professor Jewish Studies and Religous Studies

  • Explaining, Interpreting, and Theorizing Religious and Myth.  Brill, 2020 Nicholas P. Roubekas and Thomas Ryba.  Contributions in Honor of Robert A. Segal

Jen William
Professor of German, Comparative Literature, Jewish Studies, Film & Video Studies; Head, School of Languages and Culture

  • “‘... diese unerträgliche Sehnsucht’: Life Journeys and Longing in Reimann, Seghers, and Wolf.” Appeared December 2019 in a special volume of the German Monitor series, Volume 80, titled Anna Seghers: The Challenge of History: Eds. Helen Fehervary, Christiane Zehl Romero, Amy Strawser. Brill, 2019. 277-291. Word count: about 6000 words.

  • “Geschlechterverhältnisse und die Rolle von Frauen in Umbruchzeiten” (Gender Relations and the Role of Women in Times of Crisis), for Anna Seghers Handbuch. In press with J.B. Metzler Verlag (Stuttgart). Word count: about 6000 words.

  • “‘... diese unerträgliche Sehnsucht’: Life Journeys and Longing in Reimann, Seghers, and Wolf.” In Anna Seghers: The Challenge of History. Eds. Helen Fehervary, Christiane Zehl Romero, and Amy Strawser. German Monitor series, Volume 80. Brill, 2019. Word count: about 6000 words.

  • Dimensions of Storytelling in German Literature and Beyond. Eds. Kristy R. Boney and Jennifer Marston William. Camden House, 2018. 266 pp.

  • Cognitive Approaches to German Historical Film: Seeing is not Believing. Palgrave Macmillan, 2017. 200 pp

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