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CRDI Themes

The Center for Research on Diversity and Inclusion promotes research on particular problems and concepts that arise as the people of our community and of the world struggle for democracy, justice and inclusion. This includes studying multiple dimensions of social organization and human experience, including race, sexuality, gender, religion, class and ability/disability, among others. Since problems and human experiences rarely fall neatly into disciplinary categories, CRDI fosters discussion and analysis across these boundaries. Rooted in local practice and conditions, but global in vision and analysis, CRDI fosters work that is of interdisciplinary value, making both conceptual and empirical contributions. CRDI currently does this through grants and awards, lecture series and symposia. CRDI aims to expand its offerings to include post-docs and fellowships, a series of research/issue briefs and other web research resources on particular themes, and expanded offerings of awards, grants and support for faculty-and graduate student organized events and research projects.