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Daniel Morris

Daniel Morris

Professor // English

Professor // Jewish Studies // SIS

Professor // Comparative Literature // SLC

Affiliated Faculty // Film and Video Production // Rueff School

Curriculum vitae

Office and Contact

Room: HEAV 122B


Phone: (765) 494-3051


Research Areas:
20th Century American Literature; American Poetry, 20th Century American Art; Popular Culture; American literature, poetry, and drama; the relationship between American poetry and drama; Jewish-American literature, visual arts

Books in Print:

Not Born Digital: Poetics, Print Literacy New Media.   Bloomsbury Academic Press.  July, 2016.

Hit Play. Original Poetry. Marsh Hawk Review. 2015.

Lyric Encounters: Essays on American Poetry from Lazarus and Frost to Ortiz Cofer and Alexie.  Bloomsbury Press.   May 2013.

After Weegee: Essays on Contemporary Jewish American Photography.  Series on Jewish Art and Culture.  Syracuse University Press.  May 2011.

Reading Texts, Reading Lives:  Essays in the Tradition of  Humanistic Cultural Criticism in Honor of Daniel R. Schwarz.  Rowman and Littlefield/The University of Delaware Press. Co-edited collection with Helen Maxson.  April 2012.

Secular Jewish Culture and Radical Poetics. Edited collection with Stephen Paul Miller.  Contemporary Poetics series edited by Charles Bernstein and Hank Lazar.  University of Alabama Press.  Fall 2009.

The New York Public Intellectuals and Beyond.  Edited collection with Ethan Goffman.  Purdue University Press.  2008.

The Poetry of  Louise Glück: A Thematic Introduction.   University of Missouri Press.  2006.  272 pages.

Poetry’s Poet:  Essays on the Poetry and Poetics of Allen Grossman.  Edited Collection.  Summer 2004.  National Poetry Foundation Press. 278 pages.

Bryce Passage. (Original Poetry).   Marsh Hawk Press (A Juried Collaborative Press from New York City).  Spring 2004.  48 pages.

Remarkable Modernisms: Contemporary American Authors Write on Modern Art.  2002.  University of Massachusetts Press.  191 pages.

The Writings of William Carlos Williams:  Publicity for the Self.  University of Missouri Press. 1995. 224 pages.

If Not For the Courage. (Original Poetry) Marsh Hawk Press (A Juried Collaborative Press from New York City).   2010.  ​