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Sally Wallace

Sally Wallace

Chair and Professor / Dance // Rueff School of Design, Art, and Performance

Chair and Professor // Dance // Rueff School

Office and Contact

Room: PAO 1103


Phone: (765) 496-2970


Intermediate Choreography

Practicum Dance Performance


Sally Wallace is a choreographer who creates work inspired by vastly different movement styles and structures, but with an underlying focus on the poetry of movement.  One of her current interests is finding the expressive and communicative power possible in simple and even mundane movement, another interest is blending the imagery found in nature with the symbols of human experience.  She seeks to use these approaches  to create an experience similar to that defined as “intimate immensity” by Gaston Bachelard in the Poetics of Space (1958); where the intent is to create a state of contemplation that ”transports the [viewer] outside the immediate world to a world that bears the mark of infinity”.

In addition to national performances, her work has been showcased internationally in Finland, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Mexico, and Japan.  She has had additional works commissioned by professional dance companies such as InLet Dance Theatre and Shelter Dance. Wallace has received four Gala honors in various years from the American College Dance Festival; two of which were chosen for national recognition: Tides and Solitude (1998), and Windblown (2002).

Wallace’s creative research has additionally involved the development of educational visual media titled:  Performing Improvisational Dance; Cultivating Spontaneous Dance-Making in Performers.

Wallace has received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and Indiana Arts Commission, as well as a number of Purdue Research Grants.

In addition to her choreographic research, Sally is committed to maintaining her pedagogy to continue training and supporting dancers as they develop their personal creative voices.