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Tong Jin / TJ / Kim

Tong Jin / TJ / Kim

Professor / Art & Design / Industrial Design // Rueff School of Design, Art, and Performance

Professor // Art and Design // Rueff School

Professor // Industrial Design // Rueff School

Office and Contact

Room: PAO 3161


Phone: (765) 496-6880

TJ Kim is a full professor of industrial design at Purdue University. Before joining academia, he worked as a design leader for consultancies and corporations for more than 18 years, delivering leading-edge products and business solutions, designing over 300 products, and holding more than 70 US patents. Also, he has won over 30 awards, including design competitions, business plan competitions, and international design awards, and the works are published through many magazines, newspapers, and design blogs.

He has encouraged many future generations of innovators to follow the path and make a meaningful contribution to the world, being involved with various universities and design communities, giving lectures on design thinking, and coordinating creative workshops for non-designers and community organizations.

His design experiences and expertise includes,
1. Design Strategy
2. Design Platforms
3. Design Technology

Design Strategy/ Product & Business Expansion

The strategic design process helps individuals and organizations find new products and business opportunities through external and internal analysis of the existing companies and industries. It is an effective way to discover and deliver innovative business models by comparing and adopting innovation across sectors to bridge the pipeline gap in the development process. A 4XD design process is a systematic approach to discovering and developing innovative products and business models.

Design Platforms/ Connect and Develop

In modern society, various technologies and social phenomena are happening through the rapid exchange of information between organizations and industries. And this fast process is driving a new commercial structure and business opportunities. Cross-industry innovation is a way to start rapid innovation by exchanging cross-context approaches across industries, sectors, domains, or domains beyond ubiquitous.

Design Technology/ Delivering the future User Experiences

The world is changing dramatically and rapidly. New innovative technologies have brought us new user interactions, behavior changes, and social activities. As a result, people now have a stronger desire to search for authentic user experiences. The design approach will discuss some of the possible future user experiences discovered from today's user behaviors. These newly defined user experience types will help us better understand human desires and address our world's evolution, revolution, and innovation development process.