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Develop Online Course

Are you a faculty member wondering where to start in developing an online course? Whether it’s credit-bearing or a noncredit professional learning course, we would love to connect with you to help you get started. Let’s collaborate on a short learning course, geared for professionals looking to upskill in your discipline, or a new degree or certificate program We are here to ensure your success and provide you with access to the information and resources you need to work through next steps. We can help you with

  • Market research studies on student demand and competitive programs (regional, national, price, credit hours, competitive curricular focus, program completions).
  • Data on the labor market (job titles, job postings and average salaries, key skills employers are seeking).
  • Information about potential business to business demand.
  • Consultative support to complete the Notice of Intent form for a new course or program.
  • Collaboration with Purdue Online and its resources.

Meet the Liberal Arts Online Team

Joel Ebarb

  • Executive Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Online Education

Julia Sanders

  • Senior Managing Director, Professional, Online, and Continuing Education
  • For questions or information, email Julia Sanders at