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Sabbatical Leaves of Absence

Purdue subscribes to a policy of granting sabbatical leave to faculty for the purpose of updating and strengthening their professional skills.

All tenured full-time faculty are eligible to apply for sabbatical leaves. Granting of leaves is not automatic since it must be determined to be in the best interest of the department, college, and University for an individual to engage in a sabbatical leave.

  • Academic year faculty are eligible for sabbatical leaves of one semester at half pay after six semesters of service and one semester at full pay or two semesters at half pay after 12 semesters of service.
  • Fiscal year faculty are eligible for sabbatical leaves of six months at half pay after three years of service and for six months at full pay, or 12 months at half pay after six years of service.

Faculty members are entitled to supplement sabbatical year salaries with the limitation that they may not earn more than their budgeted salary for that year. Following a sabbatical, faculty members must submit a report to the dean describing sabbatical year activities and must also return to the University for at least one complete year of service. A faculty member who fails to return to the University following a sabbatical must reimburse the University for salary and benefits paid during the sabbatical year period.

Executive Memorandum B-11, “Sabbatical Leave of Absence” is the official University policy on sabbatical leaves of absence. The request for Sabbatical, Research Leave, Outside Activity Leave or Change in Duty Station must be requested through SuccessFactors under Time Off. Please consult with department business office or Senior Associate Dean Wei Hong for details. It must be approved by the department head, dean, and president or his designee.