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In The News: Not everyone who lives in a “news desert” would describe it that way

Jessica R. Collier
Jessica R. Collier

"News deserts" are spreading throughout the US. These counties with one or fewer local news sources would seem, at first glace, bereft of vital reporting. However, Assistant Professor of Communication Jessica R. Collier has found that residents of news deserts don't necessarily see themselves as living in reporting poverty.

"Forty-six percent of news desert residents disagreed or strongly disagreed that their community is a news desert. And when you pry a little bit more into why that is, they say things like, 'We do have access to news about our community,' or 'We do get information from word of mouth, or other people.' Or they say things like they turn to socialmedia for news."

Listen to the whole 7-minute interview at the Marketplace Morning Report.

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