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In Print: Agriculture in the Midwest

In Print: Fairy Tales of Appalachia

In Print: Knight’s Gambit

In Print: Trading Power

In Print: Truthmaking

John Wood, Jr. Speaks on "Civil Rights and Free Speech in a Polarized Age"


March - Kathryn Cramer Brownell

Purdue@DC Will Hold Info Session on Intergovernmental Personnel Act Agreements (IPAs)

Pioneering Epidemiologist and ‘Science Tooth Fairy’ to join Department of Sociology at Purdue

In The News: Multilingualism Is an American Tradition. So Is Backlash to It

In The News: For Some Mammals, Large Adult Daughters, Not Sons, Are the Norm

In The News: It Wasn’t This Year’s Most Acclaimed Historical Film—But Napoleon Has Something to Teach Viewers

In The News: Spanish classes incorporate artificial intelligence

In Print: Power and Politics in the Media

In Print: None of the Above

In The News: Opening reception for Degas Collection at Purdue scheduled for Sept. 17

In The News: Colleges are touting AI degree programs. Here’s how to decide if it’s worth the cost

In The News: New online master’s in AI from Purdue is designed for people who build AI systems and for people who use them


GRAIL joins new Department of Commerce consortium dedicated to AI safety

Top Researcher on Management and Organizations Appointed Professor of Sociology at Purdue

In The News: Language school defies national trend

In Print: Milton Across Borders and Media

In Print: Cybernetics and the Origin of Information

In Print: Weighing the Future

In Print: The Color of Desire