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Department People Area of Interest
Anthropology Natali Valdez
Medicine, Science, Technology, Ethnography
Communication Gabrielle Byrd
Intergroup Communication, (Dis)Ability, Health and Identity, Norms and Communication, Interpersonal Communication and Health Outcomes
History Ekaterina Babintseva
AI, History, Computation, Cognition, Education
History Huiying Chen
Science, Technology, Book History, Travel in Early Modern East Asian History
History Kathryn Maxson Jones
Neuroscience, Medicine, History, Regenerative Biology, History of Genetics
History Subodhana Wijeyeratne
Space Technology, East Asia, History, Race and Technology
Philosophy James P Messina
Data Ethics, Human Autonomy, Political Philosophy
Philosophy Jamin Asay
Philosophy of Science
Philosophy Javier Gomez-Lavin
Cognitive Science, Moral Psychology, Philosophy of Mind
Philosophy Lea Aurelia Schroeder
Ancient Greece, Ancient Psychology, Metaphysics of Greek Science
Political Science Daniel Schiff
Technology Policy, AI Governance, AI Ethics
Political Science Kaylyn Jackson Schiff
AI Governance, Bureaucratic Policy Making, Civic and Administrative Technologies
Political Science Liana Eustacia Reyes
Intelligence, Conflict, Big Data
Political Science Minh Trinh
Misinformation, Statistics
Sociology David Peterson
Scientific Practice, Emerging Technologies, Expert Authority
Sociology Jacqui Frost
Science and Technology Studies, Sociology of Health, Science and Religion, Transhumanist Studies
Sociology Lindsay Hamm
Pedagogy, Human-AI Interaction, Emerging Technologies
Sociology Robbee Wedow
Sociogenomics, Big Data, Computational Models