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Science and Technology

STS examines central problems of our time using interdisciplinary approaches to inquire into the critical contexts and multifaceted relationships humans have with science and technology. Existing STS courses offered through the University Core have proven to be magnets for students across majors and colleges: STEM-focused students receive broad training in the social, economic, and ethical implications of their fields, while liberal arts students gain understanding of the central role science and technology play in all facets of contemporary lives and imagining possible futures.

This Certificate in STS will enable CLA and STEM students to pair their major with STS courses, providing a highly marketable, integrated training program in STEM-liberal education. An associated STS-focused learning community (currently under development) will foster an interdisciplinary cohort of students and faculty with shared interest in the social implications of technology. In structuring the roll-out of the STS Certificate this way, we will leverage the significant existing institutional, curricular, and faculty research strengths at Purdue while establishing Purdue as a thought-leader and job-placement leader in this field.

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