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Isabel Luna Lopez

2022 Graduate


Isabel Luna

Hello! My name is Isabel Luna Lopez, and I am from Lafayette, Indiana. I graduated with majors in Political Science and Spanish with a minor in Psychology. 

Growing up, I began having an interest in politics and advocacy when I became part of my hometown Mayor's youth group during high school. From there, I learned about the city government and volunteered with numerous community organizations. It was a great experience that inspired me to choose my major of Political Science. In my future, I want to be politically involved in my community and want everyone's voice to be heard.

For my Spanish Major, I have always loved learning more about the Spanish language and culture after taking four years of Spanish in high school. My advisor helped me to be on the right path to majoring in my two-favorite interests in four years! 

Purdue University was an excellent choice for me. Even though it is known for being a STEM school, I still wanted to be part of my community and university. When I first toured at Purdue, I felt super welcomed at the Purdue Liberal Arts College. They provide many majors that fit my interests. The ambassadors that helped me out that day gave me excellent advice and information about the Political Science degree. Any doubts I had; they were always there to answer any questions afterward.


Being in the College of Liberal Arts is fantastic. I love that my classes are smaller than my STEM courses. At the CLA college offices, there is always someone to help you. In my first years here, they notified me of the great events the CLA provides for every major.  I started going to events that I loved, like Pizza and Politics, where I could watch debates or political events on tv while eating pizza which was the best. During my free time, I would go into the office where a student is always there to help if you have any questions or with your resume. 

I am highly involved on campus. Outside of being an ambassador, I work at the Co-Rec welcoming students into the facility. For my interest in event planning and meeting new people, I am also involved in various student organizations: Purdue Student Union Board, Convocation Volunteer Network, and the Boiler Bakers. I have met amazing friends, and the networking I have been exposed to here at Purdue University is impressive. 

What I love the most about Purdue is all the opportunities you have and all the fun organizations you can get involved in. The beautiful campus and the friendly environment we have is just outstanding.  

For prospective students, my advice is to be yourself and to not fear reaching out! College may seem a bit intimidating at first, but once you get in the flow of things and become familiarized with the campus and classes, it is a great experience!