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Mallory Gieringer

CLAIM - College of Liberal Arts Inspired, Mentored, and eMpowered

The CLAIM learning community aims to empower and mentor liberal arts students who are embarking
on their college journey. Students will meet with a diverse faculty and staff, participate in cultural
attractions, and discover pathways into fields they might not have considered before. Culturally-relevant
mentoring will be provided to enhance future career or advanced education goals.

More Information, requirements, and how to apply.


Gender Inclusive Residential Community

At its core, the Gender Inclusive Residential Community emphasizes themes of social justice and intersectionality. Students will be introduced to a wide range of campus resources and activities and have opportunities to network with students who share common interests in gender and sexuality.

More information, requirements, and how to apply.

Michael Turnetti

Welcome to Communication

Join other first-year communication students in exploring the basics of communication study at
Purdue. When you finish the semester, you will know students in your cohort and faculty better
than any other first-years! You’ll not only learn how to speak, but you’ll gain context about how speaking and
all kinds of communication will be a part of your career.

More information, requirements, and how to apply.