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Future Students

Thinking about coming to Purdue but not sure what to major in? Maybe you’re excited by Purdue’s world-renowned science, technology, engineering, and mathematics programs but you’re also an artist. Perhaps you’re a philosopher at heart but emergent AI technology fascinates you and you’re having difficulty deciding between two great programs. 

Whatever the combination may be, Purdue has you covered with Degree Plus

Students earn two undergraduate degrees in four years, doubling their degrees without doubling their time at college, or their tuition. Degree Plus graduates stand out amongst their peers, having approached their undergraduate education from a well-rounded, multidimensional perspective that will broaden their appeal to future employers.

Degree Plus offers students the opportunity to complete an undergraduate Liberal Arts bachelor of arts degree program simultaneously with another undergraduate degree program. Students who are actively pursuing a major in both the Liberal Arts and another college/school will have the CLA core waived while maintaining progress toward completion of the non-CLA degree program. For many students, this makes the completion of two (or more) degrees more manageable.

Double majors complete two or more majors within a single academic division (or College). Degree Plus is designed for students pursuing a degree in a major outside of the College of Liberal Arts as well as a major within the College of Liberal Arts. 

NOTE: Students in Liberal Arts who are pursuing majors only within CLA are still required to complete the Liberal Arts core.

Starting college can be an overwhelming process without the added complication of a second degree track. Fortunately, our advising staff is eager and available to help. Whether you're coming in as a Liberal arts major or enrolling in another Purdue program, CLA advisors are ready to guide you through the process of adding a Degree Plus major. 

Liberal Arts students should simply speak with their CLA advisor as soon as possible. They can help design a plan of action for your specific degree combination and connect you with an advisor from your desired program.

Non-Liberal Arts students should also speak with their program advisor as soon as possible. They will connect you with a CLA advisor ready to design a plan for your desired degree combination and introduce you to the Liberal Arts college at Purdue. 

If you have any other questions about Degree Plus, you can email directly.

Yes and yes! Some academic programs will require students to participate in an internship experience. For those that do not, however, students can pursue internships alongside their academic plan of study. We encourage Liberal Arts students to speak with their academic advisor and the staff in the Career Center regarding internship opportunities.

Students who study abroad often receive credit towards degree requirements. With careful planning alongside academic and study abroad advisors, students can certainly study abroad and remain on track for graduation.