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2023 Road Map

Emerge as a leader in innovative Liberal Arts education & scholarship.

Our Challenges

  • National declines in liberal arts undergraduate enrollment
  • Internal & external perception of Liberal Arts
  • Low external research grant activity

How we emerge in 2023

Strengthen Undergrad Experience

  • Open new OWL in student life corridor
  • Grow Cornerstone certificate enrollments
  • Promote Degree in 3 and Degree+ options
  • Actively help students secure internships and first jobs

Upgrade Graduate Education

  • Support graduate student research & travel
  • Continue to offer competitive graduate stipends & fellowships
  • Improve faculty mentoring

Enhance Faculty Excellence

  • Launch Research Academy and Center for the Arts
  • Support faculty research & travel
  • Celebrate research and creative success
  • Embrace outstanding teaching & mentoring

Expand Revenue Sources

  • Launch external partnerships to generate income
  • Secure increasing philanthropic support
  • Nurture a more entrepreneurial, innovative mindset

Think Broadly. Lead Boldly. Be a Force for Good in the World.