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Anthropology Theses and Dissertations

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Garcia Acevedo, Adriana Catalina
Autistic Adults and their Intersections: An Anthropological Approach to Cultural Conceptions of Disability in Indigenous, Campesinos and Urban Families in Colombia (MS May 2021)
Advisors: Sherylyn Briller, Laura Zanotti


Dinar, Humera
Development and Marginalization: Gender, Infrastructure, and State-making in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan (PhD August 2020)
Advisors: Andrew Flachs, Ellen Gruenbaum 

Huang, Sarah
"If we can't grow rice, then what?": Farming Livelihoods in the Production of Vietnam's Rice Farming Landscapes (PhD December 2020)
Advisor: Laura Zanotti 

Pike, Matthew
Continuity and Change in Indigenous Copper Technologies of the Arctic and Central Subarctic (PhD August 2020)
Advisor: H. Kory Cooper 

Singer, Gideon
An Applied Anthropology of Electronic Waste in Central Australia (PhD August 2020)
Advisor: H. Kory Cooper 

Whitman, Madisson
Bodies of Data: The Social Production of Predictive Analytics (PhD August 2020)
Advisors: Evelyn Blackwood, Zoe Nyssa


Caldwell, Sarah
Consequences of Ottoman Expansion on Daily Activity in Croatia: An Examination of Entheseal Remodeling and Osteoarthritis (Ph.D. August 2019)
Advisor: Michele Buzon

Poirier, Marcela
Archaeology and Education: Learning about the Past in Chavin de Huantar, Peru (PhD August 2019)
Advisor: H. Kory Cooper

Tuller, Sydney
Causes and Consequences of Rising Cesarean Rates in Yucatec Maya Farmers (MS December 2019)
Advisor: Amanda Veile

Whitmore, Katie
A Life Course Approach to Health in the Ancient Nile Valley (PhD December 2019)
Advisor: Michele Buzon


Fuka, Matthew
Activity Markers and the Horse Riding in Mongolia: Entheseal Changes Among Bronze and Iron Age Human Skeletal Remains (M.S. August 2018)
Advisor: Ian Lindsay

Murfree, Lauren
Faith and Feminist Activism in the Midwest: An Ethnographic Examination (M.S. August 2018)
Advisor: Ellen Gruenbaum


Beach, Jeremy
Border Relations: A Bioarchaeological Investigation on the Xiongnu Polity (Ph.D. December 2017)
Advisor: Michele Buzon

Trivedi, Sunny
A Tale of Two Cities?: Language, Race, and Identity in Holyoke, Massachusetts  (M.S. August 2017)
Advisor: Su’ad Abdul Khabeer

Wiktorowicz, Conner
A Bloody Mystery: Proteomic Residue Analysis of Archaeologically-recovered Mortuary Ceramics from Iron Age Germany (Ph.D. August 2017)
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson 

Wirtz, Elizabeth J.
The Inhumanity of Humanitarian Aid: Gender and Violence in a Kenyan Refugee Camp (Ph.D. August 2017)
Advisor: Evelyn Blackwood

York, Nicole
“How Do You Know Your Place?”: Immigration, Citizenship, and Advocacy in a Local, Midwestern American Immigration Clinic (M.S. August 2017)
Advisor: Sherylyn Briller


Ecke, Jonas
Continuity and Discontinuity: Pentecostal Churches and the Return of Liberian Refugees from Ghana (Ph.D. December 2016)
Advisor: Riall Nolan 

Jones, Kyle
Hip Hop, Circulation, and the Associational Life of Peruvian Youth (Ph.D. May 2016)
Advisor: Brian C. Kelly

Maulod, Nur ‘Adlina
Exiles of Heteronormativity: Queer Reproduction and Female Same-Sex Families in Singapore (Ph.D. August 2016)
Advisor: Evelyn Blackwood


Codr, Brad
Becoming Kin: Modernity, Authenticity, and the Construction of Spiritual Relatedness in an Evangelical Parachurch Ministry (Ph.D. May 2015)
Advisor: Andrew Buckser

Hunt, Garett
Marpole Metal: Contextualizing the Evidence of Pre-Contact Copper Technology in the Salish Sea Basin (M.S. August 2015)
Advisor: H. Kory Cooper

Plis, Ryan
Families in Transition: Gender Non-Conformists and Their Kin Networks in the Mid-Southern U.S. (Ph.D. May 2015)
Advisor: Evelyn Blackwood

Steele Jones, Diana
Geographies of difference: Place, race, and modernity in Amazonian migrant livelihoods in Cusco, Peru (Ph.D. August 2015)
Advisor: Laura Zanotti

Wundram Pimentel, Maria A.
Negotiating Trans Activism in Guatemala City: The Case of REDMMUTRANS (M.S. May 2015)
Advisor: Ellen Gruenbaum


Bhardwaj, Anjali
She's Fine! Postpartum Practices, Morbidity and Public Health Services in Southern Rajasthan, India (Ph.D. May 2014)
Advisor: Sharon R. Williams

Follis, Shawna
Dental Fluctuating Asymmetry as a Measure of Environmental Stress in Nasca (M.S. August 2014)
Advisor: Kevin Vaughn

Gravalos, Marie E.
Conceptualizing Community Identity through Ancient Textiles: Technology and the Uniformity of Practice at Hualcayan, Peru (M.S. May 2014) 
Advisor: Kevin Vaughn

Kirschling, Alyssa
Body Positivity: Identity, Community, and Self-Care on (M.S. August 2014)
Advisor: Ellen Gruenbaum

Lai, Yuen Ki  
Lesbi Migrant Sexuality: Indonesian Domestic Workers in Hong Kong (Ph.D.  May 2014)
Advisor: Evelyn Blackwood

Poirier, Marcela
Compositional Variability in Nasca Ceramics from the Las Trancas Valley, Nasca, Perú (M.S. August 2014)
Advisor: Kevin Vaughn

Van Drei, Joshua A.
Historical Configurations of Knowledge Among the Inupiat in Arctic Alaska (M.S.  May 2014)
Advisor: Laura Zanotti

Whalen, Verity
Re-Becoming Nasca: A Household-Based Analysis of the Transformation of Community and Tradition at  a Late Nasca Village, Peru
Advisor: Kevin Vaughn


Matossian, Anahid M.
Traumatic Memory Contestation and Preservation in Transnational Post-Genocide Communities: A Case Study of Diasporic Istanbul Armenians in Los Angeles, California (M.S August 2013)
Advisor: Laura Zanotti

Schrader, Sarah A.
Bioarchaeology of the Everyday: Analysis of Activity Patterns and Diet in the Nile Valley (Ph.D. August 2013) 
Advisor: Michele R. Buzon


Wren, Brandi T.
Behavioral Ecology of Primate-Parasite Interactions” (Ph.D. December 2012)
Advisor: Melissa Remis

Jost, Carolyn A.  Beyond hunters and hunted: An integrative anthropology of human-wildlife dynamics and resource use in a central African forest (Ph.D. August 2012) 
Advisor: Melissa Remis

Smith, Bonnie K.
Diet, nutrition, and health in captive western lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla).  (Ph.D. August 2012)
Advisor: Melissa Remis

Hristovitch, George K. 
Urban mysticism: Alienation, existential mediation, and the appeal of Sufism-based self-help programs in contemporary Sofia, Bulgaria
(Ph.D. May 2012)
Advisor: Andrew Buckser

Studebaker, Jennifer G.
Perspectives on health and wellness through food in Belize's Stann Creek district  (M.S. May 2012)
Advisor: Sharon R. Williams


Weld, Richard P. 
Stress in the workplace: The idea of the life path in contemporary Japan (Ph.D. December 2011)             
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson

Callis, April S. 
Beyond the binary: Identity, subjectivity, and the sexual borderlands (Ph.D. August 2011) 
Advisor: Evelyn Blackwood

Herrin, Christopher E.
The ethnography of despair: Suicide bombing during the second Palestinian intifada, 2000-2004 (M.S. August 2011)
Advisor: Ellen Gruenbaum

Lesley, Daspit L. 
Market women in a Central African forest reserve: Engendering wildlife commerce and conservation (Ph.D. August 2011) 
Advisor: Melissa Remis

Daverman, Blair  M. 
A Bioarchaeological Perspective on Diet and Health Consequences of Akkadian Imperial Consolidation at Kish, Iraq (M.S. May 2011)
Advisor: Michele R. Buzon

Jones, Kyle E. 
Hip Hop Huancayo: Youth Identities, Performative Sites, and the Politics of Legitimation (M.S. May 2011)
Advisor: Brian C. Kelly


Law, Sili 
The Practice of Engineering (M.S. December 2010) 
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson

Pettinen, Katja K.
On the Social Life of Affect: A Narrative-Based Ethnography of Relatedness and Coming Out in the United States (Ph.D. December 2010)
Advisor: Evelyn Blackwood

Plis, Ryan 
Negotiating Lesbian and Queer Identities in Midwestern Young Adults (M.S. August 2010) 
Advisor: Evelyn Blackwood

Christodoulaki, Kalliopi M. 
Honor and Shame Reconsidered: Negotiations of Identity and Community in Karpathos, Greece (Ph.D. May 2010)
Advisor: Andrew Buckser

Schrader, Sarah A. 
A Bioarchaeological Investigation of Activity Patterns in New Kingdom Nubia (M.S. May 2010)
Advisor: Michele R. Buzon


Enslow, Stacey J
Spirituality and Environmental Activities at a North American Intentional Community (M.S. August 2009)
Advisor: Andrew Buckser

Foerster, Kira D. 
Harbor Connections: An Investigation of the Spatial Logic of the Late Roman Republic Nautical Exchange System (M.S. August 2009)
Advisor: Ian C. Lindsay

Frigiola, Heather N. 
The Meanings of Dogs and Cats in U.S. American Culture Based on Movies, Cartoons, and Consumer Goods (M.S. May 2009)
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson


Betsch, Marla A. 
The Southern Question: Stereotypes in Contemporary Italian Cinema (M.S. August 2008)
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson

Coon, Matthew S.  
The Oberting Site (12D25): An Ohio Hopewell Enclosure in Indiana (Ph.D. August 2008)
Advisor: Richard Blanton


Bogart, Brett T.
Others Who Count: Distant Outsiders and Neapolitan Selves (Ph.D. May 2007) 
Advisor: O. Michael Watson

Mitch, Heather L.
Life in Transition: Becoming and Overcoming the Homeless Identity (M.S. August 2007)
Advisor: Evelyn Blackwood

Taylor, Watkins Jody Rae
Imagining Wales and Welsh Identity in Three Contexts (Ph.D. May 2007)
Advisor: Andrew Buckser


Romero , Jason C. 
Global Queer Tensions: OCCUR's Gay English Class in Tokyo and the Politics of Visibility (M.S. August 2006)
Advisor: Evelyn Blackwood

Leach, Gregory A. 
The Meaning of Water in Two Voltaic Cosmological Traditions: Dogon and Dagara (M.S. May 2006)
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson


Felix, Rhett B.
Debitage Analysis of the Brush College School Site: A Titterington Phase Site in West Central Illinois (M.S. December 2005)
Advisor: Richard Blanton

Kanne, Katherine S. 
A Cross-Cultural Study of Human and Dog Relationships (M.S. August 2005)
Advisor: Richard Blanton

Black, Laura R.
Sears Houses and Social Relations: An Archaeological and Documentary Look at Class and Gender in an Early Twentieth Century Domestic Residence in Lafayette, Indiana (M.S. June 2005)
Advisor: Deborah Rotman


Al-Masri, Hanada A. Semantic and Cultural Losses in the Translation of Literary Text (Ph.D. May 2004)
Advisor: Victor Raskin

Christodoulakis, Clara M.
Ouroboros: The Creation of Community Through Death (M.S. May 2004) 
Advisor: Andrew Buckser


Manns, DaBeth S. 
Participants' Perception of a NonFormal Adult Education Program in Ghana: The Case of the New Year School (Ph.D. December 2003)
Advisor: Mark A Balschweid

Phillips, Johnna E. 
Cross-Cultural Analysis of Ceremonies Within the Context of Masking (M.S. December 2003) 
Advisor: Richard Blanton

Schaefer, Sarah A. 
Seasonal and Inter-Annual Patterns of Tree Phenology and the Impact of Selective Logging on the Phrenology of Gorilla Tree Foods and Non-Gorilla Tree Foods at Bai Hokoi, Central African Republic (M.S. August 2003)
Advisor: Melissa Remis

Blackmon, Tiffany M.
The Ashram Next Door: Alternative Religion and Community Acceptance in Rural Pennsylvania (Ph.D. May 2003)
Advisor: Andrew Buckser


Winston, Amy R. 
Factions and Corporate Political Strategies in Harlan County, Kentucky: Implications for Community Sustainability (Ph.D. December 2002)
Advisor: Richard Blanton

Fanjoy, Elizabeth A.
On a Relationship Between Ritual Architecture and Cultural Complexity (M.S. August 2002)
Advisor: Richard Blanton


Cooper, Jennifer D. 
The Effect of Group Size on Group Cohesion and Social Behavior in Captive Western Lowland Gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) (M.S. August 2001)
Advisor: Melissa Remis

Javorsek, Jessica R.
Shifts in Demographic Patterns and Dental Health Among Eastern Woodland and Mississippian Populations (M.S. May 2001)
Advisor: R. Criss Helmkamp

Levon, Jessica M.
Comparative Analysis of Historic Ceramics From Two Contemporaneous Nineteenth-Century Households in the Townland of Ballykilcline, Kilglass Parish, County Rosecommon, Ireland (M.S. May 2001)
Advisor: Richard Blanton


Barrett, Jeanelle
Dialect, Stereotype, and Humor: Linguistic Variation and its Place in Humor Studies (Ph.D. August 2000)

Kiley, Patrick D.
Making Sense of Pain: Reading the Sensible Body of Late Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-Century France (Ph.D. August 2000) 
Advisor: Tracy Sharpley-Whiting 

McDonough, Craig J. 
Complex Events in an Ontological-Semantic Natural Language Processing System (Ph.D. August 2000)
Advisor: Victor Raskin

Park, Sung Hee 
Journalism By Demand: The Changing Role of Online Journalists as Agenda Setters - Case Study of the Internet Chicago Tribune (Ph.D. August 2000)   Advisor:

Hofman Nila, Ginger 
The Jewish Community of Zagreb: Negotiating Identity in the New Eastern Europe (Ph.D. May 2000)
Advisor: Andrew Buckser


Olver, Miriam L.
Negotiation of Difference, Context, and Audience: A Case Study of a Haitian-American Young Adult's Written and Oral Strategy (Ph.D. August 1999)
Advisor: Tony Silva


Heredia, Verenice Y. 
Material Possessions as Communicators of Wealth Status in a Rural Lowland Maya Community (M.S August 1998) 
Advisor: Robert E. Fry

Rodriguez, Cecilia B. 
A Study of Spinal Pathologies Present in a Late Nineteenth Century and Early Twentieth Century Almshouse Skeletal Collection: The Milwaukee County Institutional Grounds Cemetery (M.S. August 1998)
Advisor: R. Criss Helmkamp

Carroll, Alta M.
The Recontextualization of American Advertising by Russian Consumers (Ph.D. May 1998)
Advisor: Ralph Webb


Gebhart, Julie A.
Development and Female Living Conditions: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Third World Villages in Africa and Asia (M.S. May 1997)
Advisor: Richard Blanton

Rojjanaprapayon, Wiwat  
Communication Patterns of Thai People in a Non-Thai Context (Ph.D. May 1997)
Advisor: Ralph Webb


Murry, Terri D.
Zora Neale Hurston, Anthropology, and the Harlem Renaissance (M.S. August 1996)
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson

Trudeau, Mary F.
Patterns of Skeletal Pathologies in Dallas Mississippian Populations (M.S. August 1996)
Advisor: R. Criss Helmkamp

Duerstock, Scott D. 
A Digital Conversion Model of Spiritual Gift Elicitation (M.S. May 1996)

Heagy, Eric J. 
Experiment and Continuity in Russian Ethnography: A Culture History of Three Tsarist Ethnographers and their Constructions of a Siberian Other (M.S. May 1996)
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson

Hofman Nila, Ginger 
Unsheltered Lives: Violence, Love, and Rehabilitation in a Women's Shelter (M.S. May 1996)
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson


Plunkett, Marnie Ann Hilton 
Stylistic Variation in Grave Markers: A Test of the Role of Social Integration in Indexical Communication (M.S. December 1995) 
Advisor: R. Criss Helmkamp

Merrell, Daniel L. 
Stealing Outhouses in Rossville, Indiana: The Ritualization of a Halloween Prank (M.S. August 1995)
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson


Bogart, Brett  
Urban Productions: The Construction of "Country" in the City (M.S. December 1994) 
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson

Plunkett, Jeffrey A. 
Archaeological Site Locations:Continuity and Change in Carroll County, Indiana (M.S. August 1994)
Advisor: R. Criss Helmkamp

Neel, Mary-Ann  
Beyond Self-Recognition: Mirror Induced Stress in Japanese Macaques Under Zoo Colony Conditions (M.S. May 1994) 
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson

Papathanasiou, Anastasia  
Bioarchaeological Inferences From a Neolithic Ossuary at Alepotrypa Cave, Diros, Greece  (M.S. May 1994)
Advisor: Richard Blanton

Taylor, Jody R.
Cyberspace and Community: An Ethnographic Study of the Electronic Mail Interest Group (M.S. May 1994)
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson


Hill, Nancy  
Signs of Birth, Birth of the Sign: A Semiotic Inquity into Culture Change Through Alternative Birth Settings (M.S. December 1993)

Griffin, Mark C.
Morphological Variation of the Late Precontact and Contact Period Guale (Ph.D. August- 1993)
Advisor: Clark S. Larsen

Moore, Elizabeth S. 
Periosteal Reactions as an Indicator of Health in a Contact Period Population from Spanish Florida (M.S. August 1993)
Advisor: Clark S. Larsen

Schmidt, Christopher W. Paleodemographic Analysis of the Santa Catalina de Guale de Santa Maria Ossuary (M.S. August 1993)
Advisor: Clark S. Larsen

Mills, Patricia D.
The Change in the Notion of Chance: Late Nineteenth Century Science of Statistics (M.S. May 1993)
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson


Arai, Yoshio  
Linguistic, Prehistoric, and Ethnological Evidence for a Classification of Polynesian Cultural Traits (M.S. August 1992)
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson

Gunter, Ramona L. 
A U.S. American View of the Child: Seeing Through Systems of Preschool Education (M.S. August 1992)
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson

O'Donnell, Mary A. 
Wah-Ba-Shik-A: Water Flowing Over Open Dumps (M.S. May 1992)


Frobish, Alta M.
Source Identification of Pottery Using X-ray Diffraction (M.S. December 1991)
Advisor: Robert E. Fry

Gilham, Helen T. 
Consummate Lying: Human and Non-Human Deception (M.S. August 1991)

Oesterle, Julia A.
Gods, Guts, and Video Games: The Mythic Structure of Computer Visualization (M.S. August 1991)

Welton, Marlea  
Homemakers into Housewives: Transformations in American Housekeeping (M.S. August 1991)
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson


Jiang, Yang  
The Relationship Between the Levels of Commercialization and Levels of Living Between Peasant Communities in China in the First Half of the Twentieth Century (M.S. August 1990) 
Advisor: Richard Blanton

Nayak, Dhanwanti  
Towards Understanding Ethnographic Film (M.S. May 1990)
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson


Peterson, Clifford B. 
Thresholds of Memory, Boundaries of Myth: Spatial Organization in Minoan Crete and Classical Greece (M.S. August 1989) 
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson


Corpuz, Victoria Lourdes Perez 
Peasant Protest in the Philippines in the First Half of the 20th Century (M.S. August 1988)
Advisor: Richard Blanton

Shah, Gautami H. 
Cosmic Anthropology: A Systemic View (M.S. August 1988) 
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson

Aggarwal, Ravina  
Endless Unrelief: Myths of Cosmic Dissolution through Fire and Ice (M.S. May1988) 
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson

Trajber, Rachel  
Tropes and Tribulations: Discourse Strategies in an Amazonian Peasant Community (Ph.D. May 1988)
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson


Hoque, Kazi Sadrul 
Agrarian Structure, Resource Distribution, and Production Conditions in a Bangladesh Village (Ph.D. May 1987) 
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell

Peregrine, Peter N.  Miami-Jesuit Relations at Green Bay 1669-1679: A Study in Acculturation (M.S. May 1987)
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell

Subramaniam, Radhika  
Toward a Semiotic of Performance: The Case of Kathakali (M.S. May 1987)
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson

Zettelmaier, Mary Ann 
Anthropological Perspectives on Neomaternal Experience (M.S. May 1987) 
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell


Tsatsoulis-Bonnekessen, Barbara  
Migration and Conquest Myths as Political Legitimation: A Cross-Cultural Study (M.S. May 1986)
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell


Dunkle Robert H. 
Small-Town Merchant Strategies of Survival (Ph.D. December 1985) 
Advisor: Richard Blanton

Haberer, Rose  
Status, Power, and Influence of Women in an Arab Village in Israel (Ph.D. December 1985) 
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson

Schooler, James  G. 
The Relationship Between Lunar Periodicity and Community Mental Heatlth Center Admissions (M.S. December 1985) 
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell

Helmkamp, Richard C. 
Biosocial Organization and Change in East Tennessee Late Woodland and Mississippian (Ph.D. May 1985)
Advisor: Robert E. Fry


Golden-4Dible, Karen   

A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Slavery in Imperial Russia and in the American Antebellum South (M.S. May 1984)

Sabah, Saadia  
Mediation in a Moroccan Setting (Ph.D. May 1984) 
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell


Alam, Salauddin  Md Nurul 
Marginalization, Pauperization, and Agrarian Change in Two Villages of Bangladesh (Ph.D. August 1983)
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell

Nazarea, Josefina D. 
Food Resource Decision-Making in a Philippine Peasant Community (Ph.D. August 1983) 
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell

Finsten, Laura  
The Classic-Postclassic Transition in the Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico: A Regional Analysis of the Process of Political Decentralisation in a Prehistoric Complex Society (Ph.D. May 1983)
Advisor: Richard Blanton

Higginbotham, Collin D.
An Archaeological Survey of the Lower Wabash Valley in Gibson and Posey Counties in Indiana  (Ph.D. May 1983)
Advisor: Robert E. Fry


Lowell, Susan D. 
Dependence, Development, and Tourism: The Smaller Islands of the Caribbean (M.S. December 1982)
Advisor: Richard Blanton

Appel, Jill  
Political and Economic Organization in the Late Postclassic Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico: An Evolutionary Perspective (Ph.D. August 1982) 
Advisor: Richard Blanton

Arcaro, Thomas E. 
Faculty Perceptions of the Reward System: A Case Study of Two Academic Departments at Purdue University (Ph.D. May 1982) 
Advisor: O. Michael Watson

Trajber, Rachel S. 
Fairy Tales as Metaphors of Society: An Analysis of Brazilian Narratives (M.S. May 1982) 
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson


Callahan, Kathy L. 
Intervention Strategies for the Treatment of Alcohol-Abusers and Alcoholics Among the Papago Indians: An Ethnographic Needs Assessment (Ph.D. May 1981) 
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell


Debacher, Donald E. Health Decision-Making: The Interaction of Apache Indian and Anglo American Medical Systems (Ph.D. December 1980)  
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell

Sallam, Azza Mohamed Ahmed 
The Return to the Veil among Undergraduate Females at Minya University, Egypt (Ph.D. May 1980)
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell


Eagle, Sonia J.
Work and Play Among the Basques of Southern California (Ph.D. December 1979)
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell

Gebre-Medhin, Jordan  
The Eritrean Case: A Critical Appraisal of Peasant and Modernization Studies in Developmental Anthropology (Ph.D. May 1979) 
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell

McGee R. Jon 
Similarities in the Behaviors of the Shaman and the Pentecostal Preacher: A Comparison of Religious Techniques (M.S. May 1979) 


Binhammer, Lee C. 
Sustaining Mechanisms of Primitive Intergroup Exchange (Ph.D. December 1977)


Poe, Jovonna S.
Social Adaptation Among the Mildly Retarded Residents of a Halfway House (Ph.D. May 1976)


Schulz, Carol 
Margita Fear of Death in a Middle-Class American Community: A Cognitive Approach (Ph.D. May 1975)
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell


Abell, Troy D. 
The Holiness-Pentecostal Experience in Southern Appalachia (Ph.D. December 1974)

DeWeese, Pamela M. 
The Eastern Farmers' Market: An Urban Ethnography (Ph.D. December 1974) 
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell

Endress , Richard M. 
The Enduring Vision: Stability and Change in an American Benedictine Monastery (Ph.D. December 1974)
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell


Higginbotham, Collin D.
An Attribute Analysis of an Homogeneous Deposit of Preclassic Ceramics from the Maya Lowland Site of Tikal, Guatemala (M.S. June 1971) 
Advisor: Robert E. Fry

McKenzie, John P. 
A Study of the Academic Achievement Scores of Second Generation Italian-American Students and Those of Third and Fourth Generation Accultured Peers (M.S. June 1971) 
Advisor: Mark Glazer


Levin, Michael J.  
Cluster Analysis Techniques for the Study of Cultural Evolution (M.S. August 1970)
Advisor: Robert E. Fry


Binhammer, Lee C. 
The Modernization of the Monon Mechanical Department: A Study of the Impact of Technological Change Upon Labor (M.S. June 1965)


Goldstein, Bernice  
The Changing Protestant Ethic: Rural Patterns in Health, Work, and Leisure (Ph.D. June 1959)
Advisor: R. L. Eichorn

Koskey, Michael  S. 
Considerations of Socioeconomic Change: The Finnmark Saamiin Cultural Contact A.D. 1550-1850 (M.S.)
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson