Anthropology Theses and Dissertations

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Caldwell, Sarah
Consequences of Ottoman Expansion on Daily Activity in Croatia: An Examination of Entheseal Remodeling and Osteoarthritis (Ph.D. August 2019)
Advisor: Michele Buzon

Poirier, Marcela
Archaeology and Education: Learning about the Past in Chavin de Huantar, Peru (PhD August 2019)
Advisor: H. Kory Cooper

Tuller, Sydney
Causes and Consequences of Rising Cesarean Rates in Yucatec Maya Farmers (MS December 2019)
Advisor: Amanda Veile

Whitmore, Katie
A Life Course Approach to Health in the Ancient Nile Valley (PhD December 2019)
Advisor: Michele Buzon


Fuka, Matthew
Activity Markers and the Horse Riding in Mongolia: Entheseal Changes Among Bronze and Iron Age Human Skeletal Remains (M.S. August - 18)
Advisor: Ian Lindsay

Murfree, Lauren
Faith and Feminist Activism in the Midwest: An Ethnographic Examination (M.S. August - 18)
Advisor: Ellen Gruenbaum


Beach, Jeremy
Border Relations: A Bioarchaeological Investigation on the Xiongnu Polity (Ph.D. December – 18)
Advisor: Michele Buzon

Trivedi, Sunny
A Tale of Two Cities?: Language, Race, and Identity in Holyoke, Massachusetts  (M.S. August-16)
Advisor: Su’ad Abdul Khabeer

Wiktorowicz, Conner
A Bloody Mystery: Proteomic Residue Analysis of Archaeologically-recovered Mortuary Ceramics from Iron Age Germany (Ph.D. August-16)
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson 

Wirtz, Elizabeth J.
The Inhumanity of Humanitarian Aid: Gender and Violence in a Kenyan Refugee Camp (Ph.D. August-16)
Advisor: Evelyn Blackwood

York, Nicole
“How Do You Know Your Place?”: Immigration, Citizenship, and Advocacy in a Local, Midwestern American Immigration Clinic (M.S. August-16)
Advisor: Sherylyn Briller


Ecke, Jonas
Continuity and Discontinuity: Pentecostal Churches and the Return of Liberian Refugees from Ghana (Ph.D. December-16)
Advisor: Riall Nolan 

Jones, Kyle
Hip Hop, Circulation, and the Associational Life of Peruvian Youth (Ph.D. May-16)
Advisor: Brian C. Kelly

Maulod, Nur ‘Adlina
Exiles of Heteronormativity: Queer Reproduction and Female Same-Sex Families in Singapore (Ph.D. August-16)
Advisor: Evelyn Blackwood


Codr, Brad
Becoming Kin: Modernity, Authenticity, and the Construction of Spiritual Relatedness in an Evangelical Parachurch Ministry (Ph.D. May-15)
Advisor: Andrew Buckser

Hunt, Garett
Marpole Metal: Contextualizing the Evidence of Pre-Contact Copper Technology in the Salish Sea Basin (M.S. August-15)
Advisor: H. Kory Cooper

Plis, Ryan
Families in Transition: Gender Non-Conformists and Their Kin Networks in the Mid-Southern U.S. (Ph.D. May-15)
Advisor: Evelyn Blackwood

Steele Jones, Diana
Geographies of difference: Place, race, and modernity in Amazonian migrant livelihoods in Cusco, Peru (Ph.D. August-15)
Advisor: Laura Zanotti

Wundram Pimentel, Maria A.
Negotiating Trans Activism in Guatemala City: The Case of REDMMUTRANS (M.S. May-15)
Advisor: Ellen Gruenbaum


2014 Bhardwaj, Anjali
She's Fine! Postpartum Practices, Morbidity and Public Health Services in Southern Rajasthan, India (Ph.D. May-14). 
Advisor: Sharon R. Williams

Follis, Shawna
Dental Fluctuating Asymmetry as a Measure of Environmental Stress in Nasca (M.S. August-14)
Advisor: Kevin Vaughn

Gravalos, Marie E.
Conceptualizing Community Identity through Ancient Textiles: Technology and the Uniformity of Practice at Hualcayan, Peru (M.S. May-14). 
Advisor: Kevin Vaughn

Kirschling, Alyssa
Body Positivity: Identity, Community, and Self-Care on (M.S. August-14)
Advisor: Ellen Gruenbaum

Lai, Yuen Ki  
Lesbi Migrant Sexuality: Indonesian Domestic Workers in Hong Kong (Ph.D.  May-14). 
Advisor: Evelyn Blackwood

Poirier, Marcela
Compositional Variability in Nasca Ceramics from the Las Trancas Valley, Nasca, Perú (M.S. August-14)
Advisor: Kevin Vaughn

Van Drei, Joshua A.
Historical Configurations of Knowledge Among the Inupiat in Arctic Alaska (M.S.  May-14).
Advisor: Laura Zanotti

Whalen, Verity
Re-Becoming Nasca: A Household-Based Analysis of the Transformation of Community and Tradition at  a Late Nasca Village, Peru
Advisor: Kevin Vaughn


Matossian, Anahid M.
Traumatic Memory Contestation and Preservation in Transnational Post-Genocide Communities: A Case Study of Diasporic Istanbul Armenians in Los Angeles, California (M.S Aug-13). 
Advisor: Laura Zanotti

Schrader, Sarah A.
Bioarchaeology of the Everyday: Analysis of Activity Patterns and Diet in the Nile Valley (Ph.D. Aug-13). 
Advisor: Michele R. Buzon


Wren, Brandi T.
Behavioral Ecology of Primate-Parasite Interactions” (Ph.D. Dec-12). 
Advisor: Melissa Remis

Jost, Carolyn A.  Beyond hunters and hunted: An integrative anthropology of human-wildlife dynamics and resource use in a central African forest (Ph.D. Aug-12). 
Advisor: Melissa Remis

Smith, Bonnie K.
Diet, nutrition, and health in captive western lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla).  (Ph.D. Aug-12)
Advisor: Melissa Remis

Hristovitch, George K. 
Urban mysticism: Alienation, existential mediation, and the appeal of Sufism-based self-help programs in contemporary Sofia, Bulgaria
(Ph.D. May-12).
Advisor: Andrew Buckser

Studebaker, Jennifer G.
Perspectives on health and wellness through food in Belize's Stann Creek district  (M.S. May-12).
Advisor: Sharon R. Williams


Weld, Richard P. 
Stress in the workplace: The idea of the life path in contemporary Japan (Ph.D. Dec-11).                 
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson

Callis, April S. 
Beyond the binary: Identity, subjectivity, and the sexual borderlands (Ph.D. Aug-11). 
Advisor: Evelyn Blackwood

Herrin, Christopher E.
The ethnography of despair: Suicide bombing during the second Palestinian intifada, 2000-2004 (M.S. Aug-11).
Advisor: Ellen Gruenbaum

Lesley, Daspit L. 
Market women in a Central African forest reserve: Engendering wildlife commerce and conservation (Ph.D. Aug-11). 
Advisor: Melissa Remis

Daverman, Blair  M. 
A Bioarchaeological Perspective on Diet and Health Consequences of Akkadian Imperial Consolidation at Kish, Iraq (M.S. May-11).
Advisor: Michele R. Buzon

Jones, Kyle E. 
Hip Hop Huancayo: Youth Identities, Performative Sites, and the Politics of Legitimation (M.S. May-11).
Advisor: Brian C. Kelly


Law, Sili 
The Practice of Engineering (M.S. Dec-10) 
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson

Pettinen, Katja K.
On the Social Life of Affect: A Narrative-Based Ethnography of Relatedness and Coming Out in the United States (Ph.D. Dec-10). 
Advisor: Evelyn Blackwood

Plis, Laura C. (Ryan) 
Negotiating Lesbian and Queer Identities in Midwestern Young Adults (M.S. Aug-10). 
Advisor: Evelyn Blackwood

Christodoulaki, Kalliopi M. 
Honor and Shame Reconsidered: Negotiations of Identity and Community in Karpathos, Greece (Ph.D. May-10). 
Advisor: Andrew Buckser

Schrader, Sarah A. 
A Bioarchaeological Investigation of Activity Patterns in New Kingdom Nubia (M.S. May-10).
Advisor: Michele R. Buzon


Enslow, Stacey J
Spirituality and Environmental Activities at a North American Intentional Community (M.S. Aug-09).
Advisor: Andrew Buckser

Foerster, Kira D. 
Harbor Connections: An Investigation of the Spatial Logic of the Late Roman Republic Nautical Exchange System (M.S. Aug-09). 
Advisor: Ian C. Lindsay

Frigiola, Heather N. 
The Meanings of Dogs and Cats in U.S. American Culture Based on Movies, Cartoons, and Consumer Goods (M.S. May-09). 
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson


Betsch, Marla A. 
The Southern Question: Stereotypes in Contemporary Italian Cinema (M.S. Aug-08). 
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson

Coon, Matthew S.  
The Oberting Site (12D25): An Ohio Hopewell Enclosure in Indiana (Ph.D. Aug-08). 
Advisor: Richard Blanton


Mitch, Heather L.
Life in Transition: Becoming and Overcoming the Homeless Identity (M.S. Aug-07).
Advisor: Evelyn Blackwood

Taylor, Watkins Jody Rae Imagining Wales and Welsh Identity in Three Contexts (Ph.D. May-07).  Advisor: Andrew Buckser Bogart, Brett T. Others Who Count: Distant Outsiders and Neapolitan Selves (Ph.D. Apr-07)  Advisor: O. Michael Watson 2006

Romero , Jason C. 
Global Queer Tensions: OCCUR's Gay English Class in Tokyo and the Politics of Visibility (M.S. Aug-06).
Advisor: Evelyn Blackwood

Leach, Gregory A. 
The Meaning of Water in Two Voltaic Cosmological Traditions: Dogon and Dagara (M.S. May-06).
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson


Felix, Rhett B.
Debitage Analysis of the Brush College School Site: A Titterington Phase Site in West Central Illinois (M.S. Dec-05).
Advisor: Richard Blanton

Kanne, Katherine S. 
A Cross-Cultural Study of Human and Dog Relationships (M.S. Aug-05).
Advisor: Richard Blanton

Black, Laura R.
Sears Houses and Social Relations: An Archaeological and Documentary Look at Class and Gender in an Early Twentieth Century Domestic Residence in Lafayette, Indiana (M.S. Jun-05).
Advisor: Deborah Rotman


Al-Masri, Hanada A. Semantic and Cultural Losses in the Translation of Literary Text (Ph.D. May-04). 
Advisor: Victor Raskin

Christodoulakis, Clara M.
Ouroboros: The Creation of Community Through Death (M.S. May-04) 
Advisor: Andrew Buckser


Manns, DaBeth S. 
Participants' Perception of a NonFormal Adult Education Program in Ghana: The Case of the New Year School (Ph.D. Dec-03).
Advisor: Mark A Balschweid

Phillips, Johnna E. 
Cross-Cultural Analysis of Ceremonies Within the Context of Masking (M.S. Dec-03). 
Advisor: Richard Blanton

Schaefer, Sarah A. 
Seasonal and Inter-Annual Patterns of Tree Phenology and the Impact of Selective Logging on the Phrenology of Gorilla Tree Foods and Non-Gorilla Tree Foods at Bai Hokoi, Central African Republic (M.S. Aug-03).
Advisor: Melissa Remis

Blackmon, Tiffany M.
The Ashram Next Door: Alternative Religion and Community Acceptance in Rural Pennsylvania (Ph.D. May-03). 
Advisor: Andrew Buckser


Winston, Amy R. 
Factions and Corporate Political Strategies in Harlan County, Kentucky: Implications for Community Sustainability (Ph.D. Dec-02). 
Advisor: Richard Blanton

Fanjoy, Elizabeth A.
On a Relationship Between Ritual Architecture and Cultural Complexity (M.S. Aug-02).
Advisor: Richard Blanton


Cooper, Jennifer D. 
The Effect of Group Size on Group Cohesion and Social Behavior in Captive Western Lowland Gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) (M.S. Aug-01).
Advisor: Melissa Remis

Javorsek, Jessica R.
Shifts in Demographic Patterns and Dental Health Among Eastern Woodland and Mississippian Populations (M.S. May-01).
Advisor: R. Criss Helmkamp


Levon, Jessica M.
Comparative Analysis of Historic Ceramics From Two Contemporaneous Nineteenth-Century Households in the Townland of Ballykilcline, Kilglass Parish, County Rosecommon, Ireland (M.S. May-01)
Advisor: Richard Blanton

Barrett, Jeanelle
Dialect, Stereotype, and Humor: Linguistic Variation and its Place in Humor Studies (Ph.D. Aug-00).

Kiley, Patrick D.
Making Sense of Pain: Reading the Sensible Body of Late Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-Century France (Ph.D. Aug-00). 
Advisor: Tracy Sharpley-Whiting 

McDonough, Craig J. 
Complex Events in an Ontological-Semantic Natural Language Processing System Ph.D. Aug-00
Advisor: Victor Raskin

Park, Sung Hee 
Journalism By Demand: The Changing Role of Online Journalists as Agenda Setters - Case Study of the Internet Chicago Tribune (Ph.D. Aug-00)   Advisor:

Hofman Nila, Ginger 
The Jewish Community of Zagreb: Negotiating Identity in the New Eastern Europe (Ph.D. May-00).
Advisor: Andrew Buckser


Olver, Miriam L.
Negotiation of Difference, Context, and Audience: A Case Study of a Haitian-American Young Adult's Written and Oral Strategy (Ph.D. Aug-99). Advisor: Tony Silva


Heredia, Verenice Y. 
Material Possessions as Communicators of Wealth Status in a Rural Lowland Maya Community (M.S Aug-98). 
Advisor: Robert E. Fry

Rodriguez, Cecilia B. 
A Study of Spinal Pathologies Present in a Late Nineteenth Century and Early Twentieth Century Almshouse Skeletal Collection: The Milwaukee County Institutional Grounds Cemetery (M.S. Aug-98).
Advisor: R. Criss Helmkamp

Carroll, Alta M.
The Recontextualization of American Advertising by Russian Consumers (Ph.D. May-98).
Advisor: Ralph Webb


Gebhart, Julie A.
Development and Female Living Conditions: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Third World Villages in Africa and Asia (M.S. May-97).
Advisor: Richard Blanton

Rojjanaprapayon, Wiwat  
Communication Patterns of Thai People in a Non-Thai Context (Ph.D. May-97).
Advisor: Ralph Webb


Murry, Terri D.
Zora Neale Hurston, Anthropology, and the Harlem Renaissance (M.S. Aug-96).
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson

Trudeau, Mary F.
Patterns of Skeletal Pathologies in Dallas Mississippian Populations (M.S. Aug-96 )
Advisor: R. Criss Helmkamp

Duerstock, Scott D. 
A Digital Conversion Model of Spiritual Gift Elicitation (M.S. May-96). 

Heagy, Eric J. 
Experiment and Continuity in Russian Ethnography: A Culture History of Three Tsarist Ethnographers and their Constructions of a Siberian Other (M.S. May-96).
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson

Hofman Nila, Ginger 
Unsheltered Lives: Violence, Love, and Rehabilitation in a Women's Shelter (M.S. May-96).
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson


Plunkett, Marnie Ann Hilton 
Stylistic Variation in Grave Markers: A Test of the Role of Social Integration in Indexical Communication (M.S. Dec-95). 
Advisor: R. Criss Helmkamp

Merrell, Daniel L. 
Stealing Outhouses in Rossville, Indiana: The Ritualization of a Halloween Prank (M.S. Aug-95).
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson


Bogart, Brett  
Urban Productions: The Construction of "Country" in the City (M.S. Dec-94). 
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson

Plunkett, Jeffrey A. 
Archaeological Site Locations:Continuity and Change in Carroll County, Indiana (M.S. Aug-94).
Advisor: R. Criss Helmkamp

Neel, Mary-Ann  
Beyond Self-Recognition: Mirror Induced Stress in Japanese Macaques Under Zoo Colony Conditions (M.S. May-94) 
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson

Papathanasiou, Anastasia  
Bioarchaeological Inferences From a Neolithic Ossuary at Alepotrypa Cave, Diros, Greece  (M.S. May-94).
Advisor: Richard Blanton

Taylor, Jody R.
Cyberspace and Community: An Ethnographic Study of the Electronic Mail Interest Group (M.S. May-94).
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson


Hill, Nancy  
Signs of Birth, Birth of the Sign: A Semiotic Inquity into Culture Change Through Alternative Birth Settings (M.S. Dec-93).

Griffin, Mark C.
Morphological Variation of the Late Precontact and Contact Period Guale (Ph.D. Aug-93).
Advisor: Clark S. Larsen

Moore, Elizabeth S. 
Periosteal Reactions as an Indicator of Health in a Contact Period Population from Spanish Florida (M.S. Aug-93).
Advisor: Clark S. Larsen

Schmidt, Christopher W. Paleodemographic Analysis of the Santa Catalina de Guale de Santa Maria Ossuary (M.S. Aug-93).
Advisor: Clark S. Larsen

Mills, Patricia D.
The Change in the Notion of Chance: Late Nineteenth Century Science of Statistics (M.S. May-93).
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson


Arai, Yoshio  
Linguistic, Prehistoric, and Ethnological Evidence for a Classification of Polynesian Cultural Traits (M.S. Aug-92).
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson

Gunter, Ramona L. 
A U.S. American View of the Child: Seeing Through Systems of Preschool Education (M.S. Aug-92).
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson

O'Donnell, Mary A. 
Wah-Ba-Shik-A: Water Flowing Over Open Dumps (M.S. May-92).


Frobish, Alta M.
Source Identification of Pottery Using X-ray Diffraction (M.S. Dec-91).
Advisor: Robert E. Fry

Gilham, Helen T. 
Consummate Lying: Human and Non-Human Deception (M.S. Aug-91). 

Oesterle, Julia A.
Gods, Guts, and Video Games: The Mythic Structure of Computer Visualization (M.S. Aug-91).  

Welton, Marlea  
Homemakers into Housewives: Transformations in American Housekeeping (M.S. Aug-91).
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson


Jiang, Yang  
The Relationship Between the Levels of Commercialization and Levels of Living Between Peasant Communities in China in the First Half of the Twentieth Century (M.S. Aug-90). 
Advisor: Richard Blanton

Nayak, Dhanwanti  
Towards Understanding Ethnographic Film (M.S. May-90). 
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson


Peterson, Clifford B. 
Thresholds of Memory, Boundaries of Myth: Spatial Organization in Minoan Crete and Classical Greece (M.S. Aug-89). 
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson


Corpuz, Victoria Lourdes Perez 
Peasant Protest in the Philippines in the First Half of the 20th Century (M.S. Aug-88). 
Advisor: Richard Blanton

Shah, Gautami H. 
Cosmic Anthropology: A Systemic View (M.S. Aug-88). 
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson

Aggarwal, Ravina  
Endless Unrelief: Myths of Cosmic Dissolution through Fire and Ice (M.S. May-88). 
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson

Trajber, Rachel  
Tropes and Tribulations: Discourse Strategies in an Amazonian Peasant Community (Ph.D. May-88).
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson


Hoque, Kazi Sadrul 
Agrarian Structure, Resource Distribution, and Production Conditions in a Bangladesh Village (Ph.D. May-87). 
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell

Peregrine, Peter N.  Miami-Jesuit Relations at Green Bay 1669-1679: A Study in Acculturation (M.S. May-87).
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell

Subramaniam, Radhika  
Toward a Semiotic of Performance: The Case of Kathakali (M.S. May-87).
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson

Zettelmaier, Mary Ann 
Anthropological Perspectives on Neomaternal Experience (M.S. May-87). 
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell


Tsatsoulis-Bonnekessen, Barbara  
Migration and Conquest Myths as Political Legitimation: A Cross-Cultural Study (M.S. May-86).
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell


Dunkle Robert H. 
Small-Town Merchant Strategies of Survival (Ph.D. Dec-85). 
Advisor: Richard Blanton

Haberer, Rose  
Status, Power, and Influence of Women in an Arab Village in Israel (Ph.D. Dec-85). 
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson

Schooler, James  G. 
The Relationship Between Lunar Periodicity and Community Mental Heatlth Center Admissions (M.S. Dec-85). 
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell

Helmkamp, Richard C. 
Biosocial Organization and Change in East Tennessee Late Woodland and Mississippian (Ph.D. May-85).
Advisor: Robert E. Fry


Golden-4Dible, Karen   

A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Slavery in Imperial Russia and in the American Antebellum South (M.S. May-84).

Sabah, Saadia  
Mediation in a Moroccan Setting (Ph.D. May-84). 
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell


Alam, Salauddin  Md Nurul 
Marginalization, Pauperization, and Agrarian Change in Two Villages of Bangladesh (Ph.D. Aug-83).
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell

Nazarea, Josefina D. 
Food Resource Decision-Making in a Philippine Peasant Community (Ph.D. Aug-83). 
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell

Finsten, Laura  
The Classic-Postclassic Transition in the Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico: A Regional Analysis of the Process of Political Decentralisation in a Prehistoric Complex Society (Ph.D. May-83). 
Advisor: Richard Blanton

Higginbotham, Collin D.
An Archaeological Survey of the Lower Wabash Valley in Gibson and Posey Counties in Indiana  (Ph.D. May-83).
Advisor: Robert E. Fry


Lowell, Susan D. 
Dependence, Development, and Tourism: The Smaller Islands of the Caribbean (M.S. Dec-82).
Advisor: Richard Blanton

Appel, Jill  
Political and Economic Organization in the Late Postclassic Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico: An Evolutionary Perspective (Ph.D. Aug-82). 
Advisor: Richard Blanton

Arcaro, Thomas E. 
Faculty Perceptions of the Reward System: A Case Study of Two Academic Departments at Purdue University (Ph.D. May-82). 
Advisor: O. Michael Watson

Trajber, Rachel S. 
Fairy Tales as Metaphors of Society: An Analysis of Brazilian Narratives (M.S. May-82). 
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson


Callahan, Kathy L. 
Intervention Strategies for the Treatment of Alcohol-Abusers and Alcoholics Among the Papago Indians: An Ethnographic Needs Assessment (Ph.D. May-81). 
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell


Debacher, Donald E. Health Decision-Making: The Interaction of Apache Indian and Anglo American Medical Systems (Ph.D. Dec-80). 
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell

Sallam, Azza Mohamed Ahmed 
The Return to the Veil among Undergraduate Females at Minya University, Egypt (Ph.D. May-80).
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell


Eagle, Sonia J.
Work and Play Among the Basques of Southern California (Ph.D. Dec-79). 
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell

Gebre-Medhin, Jordan  
The Eritrean Case: A Critical Appraisal of Peasant and Modernization Studies in Developmental Anthropology (Ph.D. May-79). 
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell

McGee R. Jon 
Similarities in the Behaviors of the Shaman and the Pentecostal Preacher: A Comparison of Religious Techniques (M.S. May-79). 


Binhammer, Lee C. 
Sustaining Mechanisms of Primitive Intergroup Exchange (Ph.D. Dec-77). 


Poe, Jovonna S.
Social Adaptation Among the Mildly Retarded Residents of a Halfway House (Ph.D. May-76).


Schulz, Carol 
Margita Fear of Death in a Middle-Class American Community: A Cognitive Approach (Ph.D. May-75).
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell


Abell, Troy D. 
The Holiness-Pentecostal Experience in Southern Appalachia (Ph.D. Dec-74). 

DeWeese, Pamela M. 
The Eastern Farmers' Market: An Urban Ethnography (Ph.D. Dec-74). 
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell

Endress , Richard M. 
The Enduring Vision: Stability and Change in an American Benedictine Monastery (Ph.D. Dec-74).
Advisor: Jack O. Waddell


Higginbotham, Collin D.
An Attribute Analysis of an Homogeneous Deposit of Preclassic Ceramics from the Maya Lowland Site of Tikal, Guatemala (M.S. Jun-71). 
Advisor: Robert E. Fry

McKenzie, John P. 
A Study of the Academic Achievement Scores of Second Generation Italian-American Students and Those of Third and Fourth Generation Accultured Peers (M.S. Jun-71). 
Advisor: Mark Glazer


Levin, Michael J.  
Cluster Analysis Techniques for the Study of Cultural Evolution (M.S. Aug-70). 
Advisor: Robert E. Fry


Binhammer, Lee C. 
The Modernization of the Monon Mechanical Department: A Study of the Impact of Technological Change Upon Labor (M.S. Jun-65). 


Goldstein, Bernice  
The Changing Protestant Ethic: Rural Patterns in Health, Work, and Leisure (Ph.D. Jun-59).
Advisor: R. L. Eichorn

Koskey, Michael  S. 
Considerations of Socioeconomic Change: The Finnmark Saamiin Cultural Contact A.D. 1550-1850 (M.S.).
Advisor: Myrdene Anderson


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