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The Cornerstone Review: A Journal of Student Work
The Cornerstone Review is produced each fall by Purdue University’s Cornerstone Integrated Liberal Arts Program. It is created to celebrate the critical, literary, and artistic accomplishments of Purdue’s undergraduate students who enrolled in Transformative Texts.
Cornerstone students are talented and given a little nudge, a little guidance, and incentive, they like to write, create, and perform and their products are truly wonderful – smart, reflective, and creative.
This journal is dedicated to some of the very best of their work.


The Cornerstone Review - Fourth Issue


In our fourth Cornerstone Review, readers can find essays, poetry, short stories, videos, and artwork by students ranging from Political Science, Accounting, and a wide array of Engineering Discplines, as well as many more. It begins with a beautiful oil painting entitled “An Unexpected Jounrey” by Ellie Forgeng, a student in Aeronautical Engineering Technology, and is inspired by Tolkien’s The Hobbit. The words paint pictures of breathtaking landscape and whimsical lands that seem real and tangible. This painting displays the childlike wonder one can yield from fantasy storytelling; pushing the boundaries of what we perceive reality to be and what we hope it can be.

The Cornerstone Review - Third Issue


Our third Review contains essays, poetry, short stories, videos, and artwork by students from across our campus.  The beautiful cover artwork is by Douglas Smith, a student in Supply Chain and Operations Management, and entitled “The Voyage to Purgatory: The Wind Whispers Cato.” Inspired by Dante’s epic, Purgatory, Smith seeks to answer a question that has often sparked wonder in Dante’s readers: What is it like for souls to take the long voyage from Ostia to the shores of Mount Purgatory?  One thing is certain: the view is beautiful.

The Cornerstone Review - Second Issue


In this edition of the Cornerstone Review, readers will find essays, poetry, short stories and artwork by students from a wide array of disciplines including, Pharmacy, Film and Video Studies, Professional Flight, Supply Chain, Information and Analytics, English and a range of Engineering degree programs including biomedical, chemical, aerospace, civil, mechanical and environmental and ecological. The work of these students attests to the power of transformative texts to change lives and see the world anew.

The Cornerstone Review - First Issue

This first issue contains student work that dates back to 2018, from our Frankenstein/ AI short story contest, to 2020, when we asked students to reflect upon their isolation brought on by the global pandemic. In between, we have essays on death, discrimination, gentrification, the role of women, Renaissance politics as well as short fiction. Students analyzed and were inspired by the works of the Stoics, Homer, Montaigne, Castiglione, Machiavelli, Kafka, Camus, Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelly, August Wilson, and Margaret Atwood among others.