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Winners of the Spring 2021 Cornerstone Contest  annoucement

Spring 2021 Cornerstone Contest 

This Spring Semester, Purdue’s Cornerstone program is celebrating “the book” with a contest for our students.

Books take us on journeys; they open our eyes to new vistas and ideas; they can change our lives, become our companions, even our mentors and spiritual guides. Books challenge us, inform us, infuriate us, and transform us.  We can write in them, display them, use them for doorstops; and hide love letters and press fall leaves in them. They can hold our secrets.  What do books mean to you?  

 Our Spring 2021 contest seeks artwork as well as other forms of creativity including videos and poetry based on our readings in Transformative Texts (SCLA 101 or 102).  Winning artwork entries will be considered for exhibition in the new Cornerstone Reading Room in HSSE Library (grand opening Fall 2021) and all entries will be considered for publication in the Cornerstone Review.  For contest details see the flier here

Winners of the Fall 2020 Cornerstone Contest
contest winners 

Fall 2020 Cornerstone Contest

The COVID pandemic continues to reshape our world. How has the pandemic transformed your vision of yourself and your future? And, how have your readings in Transformative Texts this Fall Semester helped you think about your new life in this new world? Is there a poem, a character in a novel, or simply a few lines in one of your readings that resonates with you now more than ever?

 Student can choose to write a short reflective essay or short story  or give a speech or create one long poem, a series of short poems or series of artwork inspired by your experiences in our transformed world and by your readings in SCLA 101/102. Please write/speak/create from the heart. This is about your vision. For contest details see the flier here.