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Political Science News

Oxford Handbook of AI Governance Virtual Book Launch
The International Politics and Responsible Tech lab (iPART) and Governance and Responsible AI Lab (GRAIL) at Purdue invite you to a virtual book launch for the new Oxford Handbook of AI Governance.  Read more

Interdisciplinary Foundations of Research Design
How do we make a valid causal inference or a good behavioral forecast? What are the standards for evaluating the measurements of key concepts for a research study? What does it mean for a finding to be "statistically significant"? These are the kinds of questions we will be exploring in this new course available to graduate students and advanced undergraduates.  Read more

Professor Swati Srvistava

Hybrid Sovereignty in World Politics
Drawing on extensive original archival research, Dr. Swati Srivastava reveals the little-known stories of how this hybrid power operated at some of the most important turning points in world history: spreading the British empire, founding the United States, establishing free trade, realizing transnational human rights, and conducting twenty-first century wars. Read more

Spotlight: Purdue PhD Students and Recent Grads  "My time at Purdue was intellectually stimulating and set me up for success in my academic career” Janel Jett (PhD 2022, NCEC Sloan Foundation Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Harry S. Truman School of Government and Public Affairs)
BoilerUp!  Celebrating success and milestones -  Read more

New Faculty

Purdue Political Science is home to new research labs and programs to support multi-field research collaboration among faculty, post-docs, graduate, and undergraduate students. Lab themes address complex questions about technology, governance, institutions of democracy, law, conflict, political attitudes, and political behavior. They advance new tools for research such as audio and video analytics, computational methods, latent-variable measurement, experimental methods, and causal inference. Read more

Purdue Political Science is thrilled to welcome eleven new colleagues hired in the last two years including Andy Baker, Miram Barnum, Mollie Cohen, Jesse Crosson, Bryce Dietrich, Tyler Girard, Liana Eustacia Reyes, Daniel Schiff, Kaylyn Jackson Schiff, Minh Trinh, and Shan Zhou. Read more

Professor Molly Scudder

Professor Scudder's  new book, "The Two Faces of Democracy: Decentering Agonism and Deliberation" asks: How should defenders of democratic life respond to threats to democracy?  Read more

Assistant Professor Kaylyn Jackson Schiff

Professor Kaylyn Jackson Schiff receives Best Dissertation in the Field of Public Administration Read more

Ann Marie Clark

Professor Ann Marie Clark traces the evolution of a new international human rights ethos developed by activists in language, law, and practice over the past 50 years in Demands of Justice: The Creation of a Global Human Rights Practice Read more

Swati Srivstava

Faculty Spotlight: Professor Swati Srivastava  asks three interrelated questions: (1) How is private power expressed in global politics? (2) How does global private power interact with public power? (3) How can global private power be held accountable? Read more


Students at Professor Will event

Professor Melissa Will draws on her CIA background when speaking to a crowd of Purdue community members about the situation in Afghanistan.  Read more