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Institutional Innovators Happy Hour

2024 MPSA Reverse Roundtables: Election Reform, Executive Oversight, Congressional Staff, and More

Bayh-Dole and March-In Rights Symposium

Annual Constitution Day Celebration

2023 Indiana Statehouse Tour for Undergraduates

Invited Lectures


Anthony Fowler, Professor, University of Chicago, March 2023: “Do Primary Elections Exacerbate Congressional Polarization?”

JB Duck-Mayr, Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin, January 2023: “Courting Controversy: Reasons for Judicial Ideologues to Moderate”

Rachel Porter, Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame, October 2022: “Reevaluating Experience in Congressional Primary Elections”

Adam Zelizer, Assistant Professor, University of Chicago, October 2022: “How Long-Lasting is Legislative Persuasion”

Mini-Conference: “Does the Supreme Court Respond to Public Opinion?” August 2022