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PAIR Events



Michael Olson, Assistant Professor, Washington University at St. Louis, October 2023. 



John Feerick, Dean emeritus, Fordham School of Law), 25th Amendment, Presidential Succession, and Fitness for Office. Constitution Day Lecture, September 18, 2023, 2:00 pm. Krannert Hall 140

Anthony Fowler, Professor, University of Chicago, March 2023: “Do Primary Elections Exacerbate Congressional Polarization?”

JB Duck-Mayr, Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin, January 2023: “Courting Controversy: Reasons for Judicial Ideologues to Moderate”

Rachel Porter, Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame, October 2022: “Reevaluating Experience in Congressional Primary Elections”

Adam Zelizer, Assistant Professor, University of Chicago, October 2022: “How Long-Lasting is Legislative Persuasion”

Mini-Conference: “Does the Supreme Court Respond to Public Opinion?” August 2022