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Public Policy 

Researchers in Public Policy at Purdue bring rigorous grounding in the theory and methods of political science to collaborative interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary partnerships to address complex problems in society. Our emphasis is on innovative new approaches to understanding long-standing problems. We partner with researchers across campus and in Centers and Institutes at Purdue's Discovery Park to address real-world challenges facing populations around the globe. We bring core expertise in political institutions, policy processes, political attitudes and behavior, and the importance of culture and context in shaping policy proposals and outcomes.     

Areas of research include: 

  • Technology and Governance
  • AI Policy and Ethics
  • Environmental and Sustainability Policy
  • Deliberation and Collective Decisionmaking
  • Resiliance, Natural Disasters  
  • Education Policy
  • Policing and Security
  • Experimental Methods and Causal Inference
  • Complex Modeling for Policy

The field of Public Policy provides students with theoretical perspectives, methodological skills, and substantive knowledge for analyzing and evaluating (1) public policies; that is, collective responses to political issues or problems, (2) the processes by which public policies are produced and implemented, including problem recognition and agenda setting, and (3) the social, institutional, and conceptual frameworks that structure policy and policy change, including policy knowledge, norms and framing. 

The Governance and Responsible AI Lab (GRAIL) brings together faculty and students pursuing research and knowledge in the growing field of AI ethics and policy. 



  • Bachelor of Arts | Undergraduate
  • Environmental Politics and Policy Minor | Undergraduate
  • Environmental and Sustainability Studies Certificate | Undergraduate
  • Public Policy Certificate | Undergraduate
  • Master of Arts | Graduate
  • Doctor of Philosophy | Graduate
  • Environmental Policy Certificate | Graduate
  • Social Policy Certificate | Graduate