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International Relations

Researchers in Purdue's International Relations take a broad and interdisciplinary approach to exploring the the relationships among of sovereign state actors and consider the role of non-state actors (for example, guerrilla organizations, multinational corporations, and civil society organizations working at the global level). Scholars in this field address matters of national and international security and inform U.S. foreign policy.  They study impact of international law and organizations, the nature of bargaining among nations, the functioning of the international political economy, and the factors that underly human security and political violence. 

Research areas in this field include

  • Peace research, including coercive bargaining and war between and among nation-states
  • The conditions that threaten and advance the protection of human rights
  • International governance through formal and informal institutions
  • The operation of the international political economy 
  • The use of terrorism and counterterrorism as political strategies. 
  • Technology and governance
  • U.S. Foreign Policy

The Law and Conflict Research Lab brings together scholars studying the implications of law for armed intra- and inter-state conflict, governance, foreign policy, and peace processes.

The International Politics and Responsible Tech Lab (iPART) develops original research on the global politics of Big Tech as firms engage in unprecedented "algorithmic governance."

Research and Faculty


  • Bachelor of Arts | Undergraduate
  • Human Right minor | Undergraduate
  • International Securities Certificate | Undergraduate
  • Master of Arts | Graduate
  • Doctor of Philosophy | Graduate